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12 Unusual Addictions You Won't Believe are Real

12 UNSUSUAL ADDICTIONS YOU WON'T BELIEVE ARE REAL Nearly anything that exudes pleasure may develop into an addiction. The following groups' compulsions, however, take matters to the next level. Here are twelve strange compulsions and addictions you may never have encountered before: FEEDING I am a feeder! Erotic pleasure from feeding their partners. ATTRACTION Feeders have a strong sexual attraction to obese individuals. more food HAIR PULLING destroyed scalp TRICHOTILLOMANIA BRAIN PATHWAYS Irresistible urge to pull their own hair. It could be related to abnormalities in brain pathway. pulled hair strands ICE CHEWING PAGOPHAGIA is a form of the disorder pica involving the compulsive consumption of iceor iced drinks caused by low iron in the blood lost unability to sustain job relationships 4 ATTENDING FUNERALS He uses newspapers and a radio to find out if anyone has died. NOTABLE CASE A 42-year-old man from Brazil attended every single funeral in his town for the past 20 years. RIP He quit on his job to attend each funeral ceremony EATING DIRT GEOPHAGIA nails an uncontrollable desire to consume non-food items, examples of what including dry land they eat rocks This condition is widespread in depressed areas where poverty is rampant. glass TEETH WHITENING OVER-BLEACHING BLEACHOREXICS an obsessive desire for strips away protective enamel weakens pearly whites regardless of the rather ironic your chompers consequences DRINKING BLOOD Iam a Vampirist RENFIELD'S SYNDROME the obsession with drinking blood They cut themselves to drink their own blood or consume other humans' or animal's blood deriving pleasure from it. schizophrenia and paraphilia are often the root causes LISTENING TO MUSIC the enabling company allows him to blast his music throughout his shift a Swedish man has actually managed to snag himself a disability check for his heavy metal addiction take time off from work to attend concerts 9. READING If you're a reader, you know all too well how hard it is to put down a page-turner. This escape from reality has cost people their People who are recently cured of inner-ear disorders career spouse are the most prone to reading addiction 10 EATING GLASS HYALOPHAGIA is the eating or chewing of glass. DANGERS glass-eating can slice open the stomach, intestines, and throat as the glass passes through the digestive tract hyalophagic folks knowingly consume sharp objects 11 CONSUMING HUMAN WASTE urophagia (urine) what do they eat? DISEASES THEY GET coprophagia (feces) cholera typhoid fever emetophagia (vomit) 12 SELF-CANNIBALISM These individuals enjoy eating own flesh, fat, or other body parts, or offering parts of themeselves to other cannibals. FAMOUS EXAMPLE A German Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, who volunteered to be killed and eaten by Armin Miewes, even engaging in self-cannibalism before it imparts the practitioners the following typesof pleasures: physical mental his eventual death at Miewes's hands sexual If you have a rare obsession, you should consider searching for a treatment center that caters to your specific type of compulsive behavior. For more information on the different types of therapy available to you, call (877) 257-7997 or visit SOURCE ABC News Ananova Beyond Literacy Softpedia PsychCentral Webmo Listverse National Library of Medicine Vanden Bergh, Richard L.; Kelley, John F. (1964). "Vampirism Jensen, HM; Poulsen, HD (2002). "Auto-vampirism in schizophrenia" Sakarya, Direne et al. (2012). "'Vampirism" in a case of dissociative identity disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder". Abrahams PW (2003). "Human Geophagy: A Review of Its Distribution, Causes, and Implications". Giovanelli, Dina and Natalie Peluso. 2006. "Feederism: a new sexual pleasure and subculture". RecoveryExperts (877) 257-7997 FIND THE BEST REHAB CENTER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS! Ex

12 Unusual Addictions You Won't Believe are Real

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Addictions are lifelong and constant practices that we continue to do even with the negative consequences, and although common addictions such as alcoholism and drug abuse may easily come to your mind...


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