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12 Things to do When you are Younger to Prevent Skin Problems When you are Older

12 Things to do when you are younger to prevent skin problems when you are older Be Happy! Fill your life with things you love and get rid of almost everything else. Practice stress relieving activities like meditation and exercise, and learn to appreciate joy when you find it. Happiness does a body good. Load up on Veggies, Fish, Beans and Lentils There is good evidence that oxidative damage caused by toxins and metabolism contributes to the aging process at a cellular level. Foods (but not supplements) high in antioxidants seem to protect us from oxidative stress. Avoid Sugar Sugar is a direct cause of aging and significantly reduces lifespan in organisms from yeast to primates. Not by a small amount either. Moisturize The appearance of your skin is largely dependent upon moisture. Help it out by Using moisturizers to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Work with a professional to determine what type is best for you. Don't Raise Your Eyebrows Learning to express yourself without much forehead crinkling will result in far fewer forehead lines as an adult compared to some people. Sleep The most important determinant of how you look (and feel) on a given day is how much sleep you get. Seven hours is ideal, but everyone is different. Wear Sunscreen SPF 100 Never walk out the door without at least sunscreen on your face! UV radiation from the sun damages your skin and promotes aging. Don't Smoke Smoking is one of the easiest ways to look older than you really are, and shorten your life at the same time. Avoid both primary and secondary smoke. Olive Oil It is hard to think of something more versatile, healthy and delicious than olive oil. The benefits of healthy fats like olive oil are innumerable. Fat isn't just "not bad" for you, it's essential. Olive Oil Avoid Foundation and Powde 10 Generally, try and avoid putting any makeup directly onto your skin. Although the realization is this is not possible for every woman, but skipping the makeup does help maintain your skin's hydration and elasticity Hydrate 11 WATER Your skin is very sensitive to water levels. Stay hydrated by sipping water and eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day. Avoid Dairy 12 MILK Studies of aging skin have shown that milk and milk products are associated with more aging and wrinkles. Sources: http://www.webmdcom/beauty/aging/its-not-your-mothers-skin-or-is-kipage-2 ENationalPositions CLEAROGEN Protitable laternet Markting LOTION

12 Things to do When you are Younger to Prevent Skin Problems When you are Older

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How the Skin Ages Healthy skin is something to brag about, but fewer people have the right to brag as they get older. As the years pass, your skin is exposed to different factors that can cause the...


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