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12 Facts About Dopamine You Didn't Know

- NH, D PAMINE но- Он Dopamine is a powerful neurotransmitter which is a chemical released in our brain that helps communication between other cells in our body, most notably in our brain. MOTIVATION AND REWARD Rats with more dopamine climbed a fence to a larger pile of amounts opted for the safer small pile. while rats with lower D0PAMINE AND THE BRAIN The dopamine system is a group of nerve cells in our mid and front brain area. -The Frontal Lobe is responsible for thinking and memory - The Striatum is associated with movement - The Nucleus Accumbens controls our emotions and reward system Striatum Frontal lobe Nucleus accumbens DOPAMINE AND LEARNING Studies have shown that when a monkey learns a task that areas of the brain which contain dopamine show increased activity. SLEEP AND DOPAMINE Dopamine helps regulate our sense of feeling awake and alert. A study of rested versus sleep deprived people showed that the sleep deprived people had less dopamine binding to the dopamine receptors in their brain. zzZ DOPAMINE AND MOTOR CONTROL A lack of dopamine in the brain leads to uncoordinated movements throughout the body, while excess dopamine causes uncontrollable movements such as body tics. FOODS THAT BOOST D0PAMINE Foods that contain the amino acids L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine most boost dopamine levels as they eventually convert into dopamine. Fish Chicken Nuts Eggs Beans Cheese DOPAMINE AND SEX As dopamine rises our sex drive increases and our eyes dilate. Too much dopamine leads to issues such as sexual addictions, fetishes, and risky behavior while a lack of dopamine causes decreased libido. DOPAMINE AND MASSAGE Studies show that getting a massage boosts dopamine and serotonin while also reducing the stress hormone cortisol. D0PAMINE ADDICTION Addiction is caused by a flood of dopamine that enters our limbic system in our brains. Because this is where our motivation and reward system is centered it sends the message to the user that they should consume more of the addictive sub- stance DRUGS THAT INCREASE Dopamine Levels PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ADDERALL Ritalin Selegiline Vicodin B& Percocet THE TOP 5 DRUGS OF ADDICTION According To Government Statistics The top drugs of addiction are all known for their ability to effect dopamine levels. Marijuana 47% Painkillers 21% Cocaine 10% Heroin 6% Stimulants and other drugs 16% OVER THE COUNTER DRUGS AND SUPPLEMENTS NH, Он Tryptophan Caffeine Mucuna Pruriens Nicotine ILLEGAL DRUGS Crack/Cocaine Methamphetamine Marijuana Mescaline COOH CH Heroin HN LSD Presented by Hard Hitting Health https://www.dnalcorg/view/812-The-Dopamine-System.html

12 Facts About Dopamine You Didn't Know

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Dopamine is known as the "feel good" drug, but we probably do not know how else it affects our brain and body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that gets released in our brain to help communication bet...


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