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10 Ways Laughter Can Help Your Stress

10 WAYS LAUGHTER CAN HELP YOUR STRESS RESEARCH SHOWS SO MANY POSITIVE THINGS LAUGHTER CAN DO FOR YOU: IT CAN RELAX YOUR WHOLE BODY #1 Tension builds up in all areas of your body and a good belly laugh can quickly release body tension. Laughter stimulates circulation and will help your muscles relax. IT GIVES YOU MORE ENERGY #2 Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and releases endorphins in your brain. Laughing can provide a short burst of energy when needed. IT MAKES YOU MORE CREATIVE # 3 The parts of your brain that are activated when you laugh are the same parts that spark your creativity. IT MAKES YOU MORE FOCUSED AND ALERT # 4 Clear thinking will increase when you laugh, as your brain will become calmer and the release of pleasurable neurochemicals will help you accomplish more. IT HELPS OXYGEN FLOW TO YOUR BRAIN #5 Increased oxygen flow will help your brain process information more efficiently, improve access to your knowledge and skills and help you give your best effort. IT WILL EASE YOUR FEAR AND ANXIETY #6 Your stress response system will be fired up then cooled down with your laughter and your brain will reduce its anxious thought processing. IT LOWERS YOUR STRESS HORMONES #7 Your brain will release more positive neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin when you laugh. IT ENHANCES YOUR RESILIENCE # 8 Using laughter as a calming and focus tool will strengthen your brain to be better prepared each time you face a challenge. IT CAN IMPROVE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM # 9 The reduction of stress and the release of stress hormones will increase your immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies and help your body fight disease and illness. IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH #10 Laughing helps stop distressing emotions, and shifts your perspective. Research shows laughter can lessen depression and anxiety.

10 Ways Laughter Can Help Your Stress

shared by martywolner on Nov 01
10 Ways Laughter Can Help Your Stress Research shows so many positive things laughter can do for you


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