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10 Ways To Feel Good Naturally

10 WAYS- TO FEEL GOOD NATURALLY MOVE IT The body produces endorphins to help fight pain and fatigue relating to exercise. Other euphoria-producing chemicals adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine are also produced during exercise. MAKE CHILLIES YOUR FRIEND Spicy foods such as chillies are often associated with endorphin release. According to a study published in 2012, rats treated with capsaicin (the active ingredient in chilis) showed increased opioid activity in the brain, indicating a release of endorphins 20 minutes after consuming. BECOME A HUG MACHINE Hugging floods our body with oxytocin, a "bonding hormone" that makes people feel secure and trusting toward each other, lowers cortisol levels, and reduces stress. EAT CHOCOLATE (IT'S OKAY!) The N-acyclethanoloamine group of chemicals found in chocolate stimulates channels in the brain to release endorphins. | LET THE LIGHT IN! Sunshine stimulates the production of serotonin, the "feel-good" hormone in the brain. A lack of sunlight has been found to contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and seasonal affective disorder. GOOGLE CAT VIDEOS A Japanese study has shown that watching videos of animals can help reduce stress and improve concentration by up to 44%. LAUGH Evidence has shown that a good belly laugh releases endorphins, keeps illness at bay and reduces depression. BUY GIFTS (NOT JUST FOR YOURSELF, EITHER!) A Harvard University study found that participants who recalled a time when they purchased a gift for someone reported feeling significantly happier after recollection. PLAY SOME TUNES According to a 2004 national poll of BBC radio listeners, the best way to alleviate symptoms of depression is to listen 'I Know it's Over' by English band The Smiths. Scientifically, music therapy has been linked to improve the mental health of people with depression. BECOME AN ART LOVER Looking at something we think is beautiful has been shown to release the pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine. Start taking advantage of art galleries or use the Internet as an excuse to Google your favourite things. S2â„¢ SOURCES

10 Ways To Feel Good Naturally

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Did you know that watching videos of animals helps you reduce stress and improve focus by up to 44%, or that listening to 'The Smiths' is a good antidote for depression? This Infographic explores h...


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