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10 Simple Steps to Look and Feel Better

10Simple Steps Your Path to Good Health To Look and Feel Better (no gym required) Spend Time Outside Care for Your Teeth Even as little as ten minutes can enhance mood, reduce stress, promote faster healing, and improve concentration. Brushing regularly can help protect against heart disease, respiratory infections, erectile dysfunction, and other serious conditions. \ Stretch Stretching for a short period of time each day can improve flexibility, coordination, and circulation while also protecting against injury and stress. Sleep More Hydrate Water helps get rid of toxins, regulate body temperature, and control calorie intake. Adults that get five hours or less of sleep each night are at a 2.5 times higher risk for diabetes, 45 percent higher risk of a heart attack, and 12 Wash Your Hands In an analysis of 390 cellphones, 16 percent were contaminated with E. coli, likely transferred by dirty hands. Socialize percent higher risk for death. Having strong social ties can help lengthen your life and fight depression. Get Organized Living with clutter is linked to over-eating. Clutter also reduces productivity and increases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Get Moving Make Simple Diet Substitutions GUARD YOUR In one study, people who sat for 11 hours a day or more were 40 percent more likely to die-from any cause. Replacing one soda with a glass of water or switching from whole milk to skim milk in your 16oz latté, can help you shed up to 15 to 20 pounds a year. HEALTH My Mission. My Health. Want more examples? #smallsteps

10 Simple Steps to Look and Feel Better

shared by ARNGHealth on Feb 20
This infographic includes some of the simplest ways to fast-track your health and happiness and lengthen your life. Follow this path paved with small steps for less stress, illness, and premature agin...


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