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10 Remedies to Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

10 Remedies to Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain Warm Salt Water Rinse Baking Soda Paste ВАKING SODA 2 TBSP of salt to 8 Oz of water gargled and rinsed until the solution is gone. Repeat as needed. Mix toothpaste and baking soda together and apply to affected gums for pain relief in minutes. Apply an Ice Pack Cloves Use an ice pack, or put some ice in a plastic bag wrapped in a towel, and apply It to the swollen area. Apply clove oil to a cotton ball/swab, and wipe directly on gums around your wisdom teeth. Vanilla Extract Peppermint Take 15-20 fresh Drop some vanilla extract (non-imitation) on your finger tip, cotton ball/swab and rub it on peppermint leaves and pack them against the affected gums. Peppermint ol works as well. the offected tooth and surrounding gums. Raw Onion Guava Leaves Similar to peppermint leaf application, but the leaves of a guava have anti-spasm and antibacterial effects. While pungent, chewing raw red or yellow onions (not sweet onions) can kill bacteria causing tooth pain. Cucumber Slices Tea Bags The coolness of a Brew a cup of tea, cool in refrigerator, and apply cold tea bag to your gums to reduce swelling. Cucumber will soothe the ache and take away the pain, but does not have germ fighting properties. Absolute Dental

10 Remedies to Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain

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Having your wisdom teeth come in can be a painful experience. At absolute Dental we understand you may not be able to have them immediately removed. Here are 10 ways to reduce pain wisdom tooth pain.


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