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10 Reasons You + Your Family Should Meditate

Omg I CAN MEDITATE! TM REASONS YOU & YOUR FAMILY SHOULD 10 MEDITATE İT REDUCES 1. STRESS MİRRORS As many as 50% of kids are suffering from stress. GOOD BEHAVİORT Ever see a little kid throw a temper tantrum or use the F*bomb?!. Studies show that mediation reduces Kids are sponges... Teaching them your positive habits is invaluable for raising them to share your values and principles. anxiety & boosts memory. Meditation can help you & your children learn to chill! 3. HAPPINESS Did you know that... Yes, it's true to be happy! we can learn how -- 40% of our happiness depends on our habits & activities? Learn habits, activities, & skills (like meditation!) that not only help you and make you happy, but make your kids happy, too! AİN'T ALL ABOUT 4 THE SELFIE ATTİTUDE OF 5.GRATİTUDE Research shows that practicing gratitude can actually make you happier, stronger, sleep better, feel less lonely, & strengthen your immune system. In our self- absorbed culture where|| #selfies are the norm, meditation teac us how to cooperate & share. Empathy & compassion help us learn to appreciate our interdependence. Learn how to start each day by cultivating this habit as a family! REWİRES YOUR 6. AUTOPİLOT İNNER 1 VOICES&CHOİCES Find yourself losing your patience with your child? Let meditation help you find a pause. You know that voice in your head that tells you you're not enough? Kids have it, too. ENGAGE Our words influence these inner voices. Teaching our kids to value themselves DISENGAGE Slow down, decide how to handle the situation, & respond thoughtfully instead of automatically. can be our greatest contribution as parents. 8.PAY IT FORWARD Did you know that meditation helps us feel more connected to the people around us and that makes us feel good? Our natural default position is to help others, but somehow we tend to get stuck in a 'survival of the fittest' mentality. As we meditate, we develop qualities like compassion, empathy, & altruism. In a study, toddlers who gave away there own treats had higher happiness levels than those who gave away another toddler's treats. TİME-OUT? NA... 9. TİME-İN THE AWE BАСK IN 10. AWESOME Learning to savor the present moment is one of the benefits of Curiosity seems to dissipate with age... Meditation gives us fresh NOW eyes & helps regain that sense of wonder & awe. meditation. It encourages us to relish in the small moments in our kids' lives before they pass ever too quickly. Discovering the world with your kids is like rediscovering a whole new planet! SO...WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? START REAPING THE BENEFITS TODAY! Omg I CAN MEDITATE!

10 Reasons You + Your Family Should Meditate

shared by omgicanmeditate on Aug 18
Why should you meditate? It’s not just in our heads! There are now thousands of studies showing the positive impact of meditation and mindfulness on our health and well-being. But you don’t have t...




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