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10 Reasons to Get Out and Walk Right Now!

10 Reasons To Get Out And Walk Right Now! Walking is scientifically proven to reduce stress When you're tearing your hair out at work, take a walk! A brisk lunchtime Walking could be a better prevention of heart disease than running According to a recent study at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and Tholesterol was reduced by walking nearly twice as much as running in some cases. walk has been proven to help with the perception of stress, leaving you feeling calmer and in control for the afternoon stint at work. 88 Walking helps you to concentrate Our modern work and home environment means our brain is constantly accepting information from multiple sources at the same time. A walk to "clear your head" does exactly that! Green spaces are the best for allowing "soft fascination" which gives your brain a rest from information overload. Walking encourages creativity Because walking allows your brain the opportunity to recover from fatique, you rejuvenate your mind in walking which gives a restored state, perfect for letting creativity flow! Walking has been noted as an effective intervention for depression Exercise for improving the symptoms of depression has long been documented, and mental health charity Mind have conducted their own research to back 88 Walking gives you body confidence Regular walks at a pace of moderate intensity will not only improve your mood, they can lead to weight loss and the strengthening of muscles, providing keen walkers with a trimmer, leaner appearance. this up. Walking during depression with a close friend can have a significant positive impact on wellbeing. ... Walking can strengthen relationships In a modern home relationships can struggle in the face of technology. Couples setting aside time to walk together eradicate this for the period of time, encouraging conversation to flow. The same can be said between 8 Walking can improve your complexion A brisk walk that gets you working up a sweat has a positive impact on your complexion through purging the skin of toxins, boosting oxygen and blood flow to the skin and encouraging more of those important natural oils to keep skin soft and supple. parents and children and also friends. a Walking provides better sleeping patterns Those that find themselves tossing and turning at night should think about turning to an early morning walk before hitting the sleeping pills. Walking promotes a better night's sleep by resetting the body clock with natural light and stimulating the brain sufficiently during the day so it's ready to power down at night. 10 Walking encourages a more active sex life Increased body confidence, creativity, concentration and reduction in stress through frequent walks all contribute to a boost in the bedroom! Sources: COTSWOLD" JOURNEYS Created by

10 Reasons to Get Out and Walk Right Now!

shared by AlexGillham on Feb 24
We look at just a few of the benefits have having a good old walk! You don't need a gym membership to be healthy and happy, just a green space and your own two legs.



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