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10 popular & beneficial aromatherapy blends...

I 10 popular & beneficial aromatherapy blends... These essential oil recipes will delight your senses... EFFECTS FRAGRANCE Alertness Blend 2 drops Wild Orange. This blend increases +, alertness and can give you a quick - 2 drops Peppermint "pick-me-up" • Clean and Fresh Blend • 2 drops Lavender This bright and fresh blend creates a welcoming • atmosphere in your home. 2 drops Lemon • 2 drops Rosemary Odor Eliminating Blend 2 drops Lemon 1 drop Melaleuca This is a delightful blend for covering odors from things like smoke, pets, or dirty 1 drop Lime socks. •1 drop White Fir -1 drop of Cilantro Seasonal Support Blend These 3 oils, when blended in a vaporizer, help with easier breathing and a 2 drops Lavender +, healthier immune response. 2 drops Lemon It can be especially useful during the spring 2 drops Peppermint and summer. Citrus Blend • 1drops Lemon 1 drop Lime The citrus blend gives your home a happy and clean fresh fragrance that is perfect for while entertaining guests. •1 drop Wild Orange 1 drop Grapefruit 1 drop Bergamot Unwind & Relax Blend 1 drop Bergamot This relaxing blend quiets the 1 drop Lavender mind and is excellent for those who lead fast paced lives and need to slow down and rest. 1 drop Patchouli 1 drop Ylang Ylang Breathing Blend • 1 drop Lemon 1 drop Lime Especially useful during cold and flu season, this blend of essential oils can help boost respiratory function. 1 drop Peppermint • 1 drop Rosemary 1 drop Eucalyptus Garden of Flowers Blend 1 drop Clary Sage This lovely aroma simulates the smell of a fresh bed of flowers in the 1 drop Geranium springtime. • 1 drop Lavender Use it to freshen up and brighten the atmosphere of any room. 1 drop Roman Chamomile Masculine Blend 2 drops White Fir This is a manly, woodsy blend of essential oils that members of any gender can enjoy. 2 drops Cypress 2 drops Wintergreen Bug Repelling Blend •1 drop Lemongrass 1 drop Melaleuca Especially useful during cold and flu season, this blend of essential oils can help boost •1 drop Thyme respiratory function. 1 drop Eucalyptus • 1 drop Rosemary Optimal vaporizing temperature 190°C 374°F 235°C 455°F Thin Vapor Thick Vapor Many vaporizers give you control of the temperature. Ideal vaping temps range between 190 and 235 degrees Celsius and are really a personal choice, depending on how thin or thick you like your vapor. Toront Vaporizer FOR TRUE CANADIAN CONNOISSEURS VapeFoRest.coM SOURCE: htlp://log.borontovaportaa2011/vaporuing-temperatuwshtml hup:// http:/ http://wwwaromaweb.comartkles/aomatkblndngasp hto:/

10 popular & beneficial aromatherapy blends...

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10 popular & beneficial aromatherapy blends...There are many reasons why you should consider incorporating aromatherapy oils into your regular healthcare regimen. For starters, aromatherapy has been t...




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