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10 Most Popular Sports for Australians Over 50

Apia 10 Most Popular Sports for Australians Over 50 Walking Improved balance, coordination and Thomas Mueller spinal health Guinness World Record for longest nordic walking marathon 308km in 67hrs 17mins Improved blood circulation 2008 284 Ở Calories/Hr" 221 People walk for charity walking et o 5 Akm/h Heart and lung fitness The Fred Hollows Foundation Sydney Coastrek Palm Beach to Coogee $1.8 million raised over 500 teams Increased alertness and energy levels Gym Improved bone and joint function Keith Cresham %23 Greatest weight lifted by arm curls 29,570.5 kg in 1 hour Increased bone density 2011 224 Ở Calories/Hr* Q 175 Muscle, tendon and ligament strength Training at all hours of the day! weights Or machine 24 – hour gyms in the past five years in Australia had 500% rise in popularity Reduced body fat swimming Clifford Batt Low impact stress on your Aged 67 years and 240 days, Cliford was the body oldest male swimmer to cross the English Channel 18 hrs and 37 mins Increased endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular 1987 552 Ở Calories/Hr * 408 Swimming all year round fitness Moderate freest lubs Bondi Icebergs and Brighton Icebergers embrace icy winter temperatures as Maintained healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs low as 8° C Golf Improved muscle tone The longest golf course and fitness The par-72, 7,816m Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club in China 336 O Assists in Calories/Hr * reducing stress Q 262 Top three Australian Golf Courses "Golf general Developed Royal Melbourne (West), VIC Kingston Heath, VIC a sense of Ellerston Golf community connectedness Course, NSW Cycling Increased World record for the most cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility vertical metres Twins Horst and Gernot Turnowsky of Austria cycled Improved posture and coordination 20,049.9m in 597 Ở 24 Calories/Hr 466 A capital of cyclists Strengthened "Cycling c general bones 2.8% of people use a cycle to commute in Canberra, the largest proportion of all Reduced anxiety and depression Australian cities. Tennis The truly global sport Increased aerobic fitness 47 different nations were represented in the main singles draw at the 2013 Australia open Increased muscle tone, strength and flexibility 2013 552 Ở Calories/Hr * O 408 Increased bone density Did you know? "Tennis general 24 tonnes of strawberries are consumed at the Wimbledon championships Lowered resting every year heart rate and blood pressure Running Increased Did you know? muscle strength Most marathons run on consecutive days was set by Stefaan Engels High calorie burning 365 days 746 Ở Calories/Hr * 582 "Running. Beware the crowds Increased bone 6 mins per k strength The 14km annual City to Surf in Sydney is the world's largest running event with over Increased 75,000 entrants cardiovascular fitness Bush Walking Improved balance Did you know? The word 'bushwalking' comes from the title of the first hiking club based in Sydney Improved management of joint and muscular stiffness 534 O Calories/Hr * Improved management of high blood pressure 438 Top three multi-day walks in Australia "Hiking Cross Country and cholesterol The Larapinta Trail, NT Fraser Island Great Increased Walk, QLD Overland Track, TAS cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness Bowls Lawn World's Improved coordination and skill development Oldest Player Was born March 17, 1905 England Leslie Brittan 105 y/o Improved confidence, self-esteem and 294 Ở Calories/Hr * increases mental Q 241 wellbeing Clovelly Bowling Club Lawn Bows. Outdoof Set right on top of the cliffs at Clovelly, in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, playing lawn bowls here is a Decreased must-do when in Sydney risk of injury Fishing Low impact stress on your Did you know? The average body fisherman spends over $1000 a year on their hobby Increased mental 224 O wellbeing and assists in reducing stress Calories/Hr * Q 175 "Fishing general Top three fishing spots in Australia Improved Sweers Island, QLD Exmouth, WA Gippsland, VIC coordination and skill development 10 Apia is all about insuring whať's important so you can go on living at your best. Sources Calorie consumption has been calculated for 60 minutes against the average weight and height for 55 year-olds from 2011-12 ABS data (88.8kg, 175.1) and women (73.3kg, 161.4cm). Please note that the results given are only a guide. Actual values vary between individuals and depend on other factors such as exact age and weight or efficiency of movement. • ABS, '4177.0 – Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation, Australia' 2011-12 • Just Start Walking Australia, 'Why Walk' 2013 • Better Health Channel, 'Resistance training – the health benefits' • Guinness World Records • Ibis World, 'Gyms and Fitness Centres in Australia: Market Research Report', July 2013 • Wimbledon, 'FAQ - Facts and Figures', 2013 • Tennis Australia, 'Australian Open 2013, By the Numbers', 2013 •, 'Walks – city walks, bushwalking and rogaining', 2013 • National Hunting and Fishing Day, 'Fishing Facts', 2013 g in free

10 Most Popular Sports for Australians Over 50

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Playing sport and getting outdoors is a lifestyle that comes with many benefits. In addition to the health benefits physical activity offers there are also emotional and social gains to be had includi...




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