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10 Minute Workout for Abs

10 MINUTE WORKOUT FOR ABS CRUNCHES. 30 Seconds Curl head, shoulder and upper back off mat OBLIQUE CRUNCHES 30 each side Seconds Twist bring right elbow toward left knee Seconds 30 to your left elbow and right knee Repeat for V-UPS 30 Seconds Lie on the floor then bring your legs up and move toward your legs Either return to starting position or lean back onto our elbow Repeat PULSE UPS Seconds Engage your lower abdominals to pull your hips off the floor Lower your hips to floor and repeat Bicycles 30Sece Seconds Bring right elbow to left leg with right leg extended Alternate legs Vertical Toe Touches 30 seconds Curl upper back, reaching your hands toward your toes Russian Twist 30Seconds Holding a weight, rotate from side to side, touching the weight to the floor on either side Cross Body Mountain Climbers 30Seconds Start in a pushup position Bring right knee toward left arm Return to start Alternate knees Rest 30 Seconds Repeat From Beginning 44

10 Minute Workout for Abs

shared by FitnessRepublicUS on Mar 31
Looking for a fast way to snap into shape? Get ready to torch some calories and tone your abs with this 10-minute workout. Try these targeted exercises and stretches to help you develop tighter and fi...




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