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10 Great Health Inventions that Changed Lives of Millions

SIGHT SAVER Sex Boost for Women 10 A German pharmaceutical company studied Flibanserinas an antidepressant, but it failed to perform better than a A hope for the blind. Itsa tiny camera, attached to a pair of glasses worn by the patient, gathers images much as a real eye would, then transmits them wirelessly to a titanium-encased microchip on the eyeball. The chip stimulates retinal nerve cells, which then send pictures along the optic nerve to the brain. Health Invention placebo. When tested later on 1,500 premenopausal women with reduced sex drives and sex-related distress, however, the new drug showed real promise. Flibanserin would be the first treatment for female sexual dysfunction that works on neurotransmitters in the brain, not hormones in the body. that Add a New Zing to Your Life No-Drill Dental Work Colonoscopy in a Capsule A new treatment for early cavities, which works by injecting liquid resin into the tooth. The quick- flowing resin reaches the inner "lattice" of decay faster than traditional metal or composite fillings can. Once inside theproblem spot, it solidifies and stops the cavity from progressing. Safer Helmets This new procedure has replaced the unpopular scoping procedure (complete with fasting, cleansing solutions, and anesthesia) used for screening The secret is SuperSkin, a thin gelatinous layer covered with a tough plastic coating. When a biker falls and scrapes his or her helmet across the of colon cancer. The patients can now just swallow a camera-carrying pill instead-one that beams back images to their doctor's computer ground, the motion rotates the head, often causing brain and neck damage. With SuperSkin, the helmet behaves as the scalp does: It stretches a bit before breaking. Hope for Heart Patients The Heart Mate Il is implanted into patients' abdomens. Driven by a turbine engine the size of a D battery, it routes oxygenated blood from the weakened heart through its turbine to the rest of the body. Do-It-Yourself Glasses Anti-Smoking Vaccine A pair of glasses that can be adjusted by the user himself. The glasses carry two membranes filled with silicone oil encased in hard plastic, forming the lenses. A twist of the plastic dial makes the lens stronger of weaker by adding or removing the amount of oil After six monthly injections, users of NicVax build up antibodies to nicotine, just as they would to a disease. If you smoke when you're on it, your bloodstream is flooded with nicotine. The antibodies attach to the nicotine's molecules, making them too big to cross into the brain's pleasure center. Result: smoking buzz officially killed. Needle-Free Vaccines Boston University researchers are working on a new method of inoculation--no injection necessary. The vaccine is deposited inside nanoparticles, each no bigger than a human pore. These particles are then applied to a foil-backed film that is placed on the skin much like a nicotine patch. A mild electrical charge from a small device, shaped like a gun, is used to drive the particles into the skin, where they're transported into the body. A pilot study is under way. Fun and Functional Fitness A ball called the soccketgenerates and stores energy as players kick it. Fifteen minutes on the field captures enough energy to power a small light for three hours. HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION DEGREE

10 Great Health Inventions that Changed Lives of Millions

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A new year is upon us and we are already seeing amazing advancements in healthcare technology, everything from enterprise cloud software to nanobots. Is healthcare finally catching up with the times?...


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