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10 Foods that are Great for Building Muscle

10 FOODS THAT ARE GREAT FOR BUILDING MUSCLE BEEF 01 THE COMPLETE PROTEIN 38 gr of protein 20 gr of fat 340 no carbohydrates Soz calorics serving Beef can play an integral role in the muscle building process. It has an extremely high content additional amino acids that are known to interact with insulin in a way that promotes the shuttling of proteins from the blood into the muscle tissue - which promotes muscle growth [1]. good quality protein, and also contains Beef also contains an abundance of important vitamins and minerals, including the B-vitamins, Iron, and Zinc, and a substance known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), all of which have been suggested to increase muscle growth. BROWN RICE 02 THE SLOW RELEASE CARBOHYDRATE 3 gr of protein 1 gr of fat 110 100 gr serving 23 gr of carbohydrates calories Brown rice can play an indirect, yet important role, in the muscle building process. Brown rice is high in a lower Gl carbohydrate, providing us with prolonged energy throughout the duration of the day – without a crash. This energy can be used to fuel high intensity training sessions, which is the key driver to build new muscle tissue (2]. Furthermore, brown rice has also been suggested to increase the levels of growth hormone in the blood, which can lead to increase muscle growth and fat loss. EGGS THE PERFECT PROTEIN 7 gr of protein 1 gr of carbohydrates 78 5 gr calories of fat egg Eggs are one of the most complete sources of protein on the planet. They contain a vast array of amino acids that are essential lean muscle tissue, while also providing the body with a host of essential vitamins and minerals that can lead to optimal metabolic building function and immune health. Eggs also contain a decent portion of good quality fat that has been associated with improved levels of blood cholesterol and increased health. The kicker? You need to eat the yolk [3]! CHICKEN 04 THE LEAN PROTEIN 47 gr of protein 230 5 gr 5oz serving no calories of fat carbohydrates Similar to beef, chicken is a fantastic source of good quality protein, which in itself is absolutely essential to the repair of damaged muscle tissue, and of course the building of new muscle tissue. Chicken typically has a lower fat content than other meats which makes it a great option for those looking to put on lean mass [4]. As an added bonus, chicken is extremely versatile and can be cooked in HUGE batches, making it the perfect option those who don't have access to healthy lunch options at work on the go. OATS 05 THE MASS BUILDING CARBOHYDRATE 7 gr of fat 66 gr of carbohydrates 389 100 gr serving 17 gr of protein calories Oats are another great source of carbohydrates that registers a low GI value. This ensures a steady stream of energy is provide to the body, without a 'sugar crash'. Furthermore, oats are minimally processed, and contain a high amount of fibre. This increases satisfaction after eating, while also promoting improved gut and digestive health [5]! Due to a high satiety rating, oats can curb hunger signals, which can also promote fat loss over time, making ideal for those trying to add lean mass and reduce fat mass. SALMON 06 THE WELL-ROUNDED PROTEIN 15 gr of fat 260 28 gr of protein Soz no serving calories carbohydrates Salmon is arguably the most well rounded food on this list, and when it comes to building muscle, its ability is unparalleled. Salmon contains an abundance of high quality protein, while also providing a HEAP of omega-3 fatty acids (6]. Both of these components are essential to the muscle building process. Salmon is also extremely rich in key nutrients - one of which includes Vitamin D, a vitamin that plays a key role in the development of new muscle tissue. SWEET POTATOES 07 THE STARCHY CARBBHYDRATE 2 gr of protein 26 gr of carbohydrates 112 1gr of fat calories large Of all the vegetable based carbohydrates available, sweet potatoes are unquestionably the best of the best. They register quite low on the GI scale, meaning they provide a sustained release of energy to the body, and they are full of fibre, which can improve gut and digestive health [7]. Furthermore, sweet potatoes are extremely rich in both Vitamin A and Vitamin B, both of which play important roles in the body as antioxidants that can improve health. MILK THE CALORIE KING 8 gr of protein 12 gr of carbohydrates 103 3 gr calories of fat cup For those looking to pack on size quickly, milk is a fantastic choice that consumed at any time of the day. Milk is high in protein and contains all 8 essential amino acids that are required for the growth and repair of muscle tissue [8]. Additionally, although milk does have a relatively high fat content, the fat in milk has been associated with an increased production of growth hormone, which is known to contribute to muscle growth. So there is no need to worry about that! COTTAGE CHEESE 09 THE DAIRY PROTEIN 103 calories 8 gr of protein 3 gr of fat 12 gr of carbohydrates cup A 100g serving of cottage cheese contains 100 calories, 11 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrate. Cottage cheese has two key factors that can contribute to the muscle building process. Firstly, cottage cheese contains a huge amount of casein, a dairy protein that is absorbed extremely slowly into the blood. This makes it ideal to consume before bed as it will provide our muscle tissue with a steady supply or muscle building protein throughout the night. Secondly, cottage cheese contains a heap of good bacteria that will help you breakdown and digest the food you eat, which can further improve the protein absorption of other foods [9]! GREEK YOGURT 10 THE HEALTHY PROTEIN 10 gr of protein >1gr of fat 4 gr of carbohydrates 100 calories serving Greek yogurt, similar to cottage cheese, contains a decent amount of protein per serving, while also providing the body with a bunch of good quality fats. As such, Greek yogurt can both increase muscle tissue, while improving the health of those muscle cells. Greek yogurt also contains a HUGE amount of healthy gut bacteria which can improve the function of our digestive system, while also increasing general health. This can go a long way to improving our ability absorption [10). absorb food, which can increase energy and protein BROUGHT TO YOU BY STRENGTHAUTHORITY.COM SOURCES Wildman REC, Miller BS, & Wilborn C. Sport & Fitness Nutrition. Kendall Hunt Publishing. 2014. 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10 Foods that are Great for Building Muscle

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If your looking to put on some muscle mass your going to need protein and lots of it. This infographic illustrates 10 foods that are great for building muscle to help get you started.



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