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10 Food & Drinks keeping you hydrated during Summer

10 FOOD & DRINKS KEEPING YOU HYDRATED DURING SUMMER HARVEST VITAMINS BENEFITS Feb-May/Sep-Nov May - Aug Vitamin A 113% Vitamin k 20% 80% 40% Vitamin C Molybdenumh. Pantothenica 15% Manganese Biotine 5% 20% Acid Pineapples can help bone strength, eye health, digestion, blood clot reduction, and reduce cold & sinus inflammations. Cucumbers can relieve bad breath, aid in weight loss & digestion, improve hair & skin, promote joint health, and help diabetes. 87% WATER 97% WATER Jun-Nov Jul - Sep Vitamin C Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin B6 Vitamin A h. Magnesium 37% 157% 31% 16% Potassium % | 8% 16% Magnesium z 7% 11% Watermelons can improve heart health, hair & skin, muscle soreness, aid digestion, and reduce the risk of cancer. Red bell peppers can reduce bad cholesterol, control diabetes, relieve pain & ease inflammation, and keep skin & hair healthy. 92% WATER 92% WATER Oct-Nov All year-round Vitamin C Vitamin A 64% Vitamin A 113% 28% Biotin 20% Fibers 8% Vitamin K h. 18% Potassium 4% Fiber 14% Carrots restore vision and are Grapefruits can aid digestion, provide relief from insomnia, regulate sugar levels in diabetics and treat malaria & fatigue. associated with lower risk of coronary heart disease and cancer prevention. 91% WATER 92% WATER Aug - Oct Mar-May Manganese Vitamin B6 Fibers 17% 57% Vitamin C 14% 44% Vitamin B-6% 5% Potassium 35% Potassium z 5% Magnesium 21% Apples can help with weight loss, heart health, boosting the immune system, detoxifying the liver, and control weight. Cabbage can help detoxify the body, prevent nerve damages, relieve headaches, reduce cholesterol, and dry up oily & acne skin. 84% WATER 93% WATER All year-round All year-round Vitamin C Copper Phosphorus . Vitamin C Vitamin B6 a 86% 31% 28% Fiber 6% 17% Vitamin B6 % 6% 11% Coconut water can help with weight loss, diabetes, fighting viruses, boost the metabolism and aid digestion. Lemonade can reduce the change of respiratory disorders and is known to have a cleansing & detoxification effect. 100% WATER 97% WATER Sources: wwW.INFOGRAPHIC.LY

10 Food & Drinks keeping you hydrated during Summer

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Hello my lovely readers! And welcome to another day of the #Iambeingcookedalive show… Europe and the Middle East are in the midst of a heat wave, and if you’re living in these areas like me, you...


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