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10 Big Health Risks and Effects of Watching too much TV

10 EFFECTS OF WATCHING TOO MUCH TV 1. IT INCREASES THE RISK OF HEARTH DISEASE zzZ If you watch more than four hours of television per day, your chance of dying from cardiovascular disease increases by eighty percent over a six year period. Wh 80% 2. THE DISRUPTION OF SLEEP Sleep patterns begin to become irregular and sometimes, chronic watchers can experience periods of extreme fatigue. + 3.THE DIABETES ISSUE The risk of diabetes increases by 14% with every two hours of TV viewed each day. 4.OBESITY 5. ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (23%) Research has shown that, for every two hours of TV per day, obesity rises by 23%. The rapid changes of sounds and images on TV can lead to a decrease in attention span in young children. 6. INCREASE IN ASTHMA 7.MENTAL DEVELOPMENT Children who spent more than two hours in front of the screen each day had twice the chance of suffering from asthma than children who do not watch television. Watching television for a prolonged period of time can lead to negative effects in the intellectual development of children. 8.MINDELSS EATING 9.INCREASE IN EYE STRAIN The mindless eating of junk food can lead to obesity. Focusing your eyes on one object for a prolonged period of time strains your eyes which can lead to further negative effects further down the line. 10. NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR Children who were all aged three showed that, children who were exposed to more television increased the risk or exhibiting violent or aggressive behavior. Omedical-base Source: .com

10 Big Health Risks and Effects of Watching too much TV

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10 most negative health risks of watching too much television


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