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10 Alternatives to Smoking

ALTERNATIVES 10 TO SMOKING Tobacco use is responsible for more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide. Roughly half of all smokers will die prematurely due to a smoking related disease. 1.ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES Electronic cigarettes are available in several variations but they are primarily available in 2 forms. While some contain nicotine, it's also possible to purchase a nicotine-free option that still produces the signature vapour effect. Great for helping people deal with the stress of quitting Unregulated industry, meaning there are cheap, and poor quality 1 in 10 e-cigarette users quit within a year - over 1/3 of users had significantly cut down e-cigarettes and liquid being sold. This can be avoided by using reputable suppliers, like who routinely test and analyse the products they sell 2. РATCHES Nicotine patches work by replacing some of the nicotine you would normally inhale from cigarettes. The patch is worn on the skin, where it slowly releases nicotine, which is absorbed into the body Nicotine withdrawal can be a big barrier to quitting so patches can help with these symptoms Can cause some irritation for those with with sensitive skin ::: Patches do not eliminate the Patches are convenient, discreet and easy to apply physical and mental cravings a person goes through 3. GUM Nicotine gum is a type of chewing gum that delivers nicotine into the body. Nicotine gum should be chewed slowly until nicotine can be tasted - a slight tingling in the mouth is felt. Users can chew up to nine pieces of gum every day. It can be chewed as and when required 9 out of every 10 people who quit cigarettes with gum will relapse within a year Quick and easy alternative to cigarettes Chewing for long periods can cause jaw ache and may not be a suitable for those with dentures 4. LOZENGES Nicotine lozenges come in the form of small, candy-like tablets, which are dissolved in the mouth releasing controlled amounts of nicotine into the body. Because of their similarity to candy, the potential to abuse Offers quick relief from nicotine withdrawal this quitting aid is high Side effects are uncommon, but Easy to use and discreet can include mouth sores and sore throats 5.INHALERS Nicotine inhalers do not deliver the quick nicotine 'hit that traditional cigarettes do. Inhalers release nicotine, which is absorbed through the lining of the mouth into the body through the action of breathing into a mouthpiece. This is attached to a cartridge which releases a vapour into the mouth. It mimics the hand to mouth Common side effects of the inhaler include: throat or mouth action of smoking, which some реople irritation and a cough Nicotine inhalers are a costly It can help reduce the symptoms and expensive nicotine replacement product of nicotine withdrawal 6. NASAL SPRAY The spray comes as a liquid in a small bottle that is sprayed directly into the nose as directed by a medical professional. Provides rapid relief from the craving of cigarettes It's only available on prescription X Helpful when trying to quit as it delivers a strong hit of nicotine quicker than any other products Least frequently used due to the side effects including burning sensations and watery eyes 7.HYPNOTHER APY A big part of giving up cigarettes is letting go of the smoking routine you once had and changing the way you think about cigarettes. Hypnotherapy is becoming a popular form of treatment to help achieve these goals and works by putting you in a deep, relaxed state where your mind is open to suggestlon. Doesn't involve medication Can be expensive Doesn't address the issue of May only require one visit nicotine addiction 8. COLD TURKEY Swap cigarettes for nothing overnight and rely on sheer willpower alone to fight your nicotine addiction. Only around 4% of smokers who quit without any additional help succeed It's completely free! It's less work than attending counselling sessions Difficult and requires huge amounts of willpower 9. ACUPUNCTURE Acupuncture is a system of complimentary medicine in which fine needles are inserted at specific points of the body. There is a point called 'Tim Mee' which is used specifically to stop smoking and is reported to help change the way cigarettes taste. Trying complimentary medicine won't do any harm and might help There is no evidence to prove acupuncture can help a smoker with side effects and withdrawal Treatments can make you very faint so a friend or relative should Not ideal for anyone afraid of needles accompany you to sessions 10.SMARTPHONE APPS There are many popular smartphone apps to help quit smoking; from tracking the financial benefits of swapping cigarettes for something cheaper, to those that routinely serve up inspirational and motivational content (such as pictures of your children) to help keep you on track. Free or very inexpensive alternative to smoking Similar to going cold turkey; relying on an app means relying on huge amounts of willpower Doesn't address symptoms of Easily accessible and simple to use nicotine withdrawal At Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes we pride ourselves on the quality of the e-cigs and e-liquids we sell. They are produced in the UK and fully analysed by our team of professional chemists, our e-liquids taste great and offer a safer alternative to tobacco. PHOEN PHOENIX ELECTRONIC C IGARETTES

10 Alternatives to Smoking

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The health risks associated with smoking tobacco are well known. Every year, millions die worldwide from smoking and approximately half of all smokers will die prematurely because of a smoking related...



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