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AMERICA ADDICTED ADDICTION IN THE UNITED STATES IS RUNNING RAMPANT Alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use rack up over 600 billion dollars annually in the form of healthcare, crime, and productivity loss at work THE HEALTH COSTS OF ADDICTION Alcohol: $193 Billion Tobacco: $235 Billion Illicit Drugs: $193 Billion THE STATE OF ADDICTION IN AMERICA TOP 2 DRUGS PER STATE MARIJUANA CRACK МЕТН HEROIN BASED ON LEVELS OF SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT ADMISSIONS. REPORTED IN 2012 FOR CIRCLES WHI CH WERE TOO CLOSE TO DIFFERENTIATE, HALF CIRCLES HAVE BEEN USED NUMBERS WERE UNAVAILABLE FOR MISSISSIPPI, PENNSYLVANIA, AND WEST VIRGINIA HIGHEST LOWEST MARIJUANA / 56% WASHINGTON STATE NEW MEXICO 14% / MARIJUANA CRACK I 43% WASHINGTON D.C. NORTH DAKOTA & IDAHO 4% / CRACK METH / 39% HAWAII RHODE ISLAND 0.25% / METH HEROIN / 53% MASSACHUSETTS ARKANSAS 1% / HEROIN HOW IS OBAMACARE AFFECTING ADDICTION? Addiction was previously marginalized & not recognized as an illness According to the Affordable Care Act, addiction is a chronic disease • Addiction help must be covered in health insurance policies Substance abuse disorders are 1 of the 10 essential health benefits "I don't think there's another illness that will be more affected by the Affordable Care Act," Dr. Thomas McLellan, former deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy ACCORDING TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES 24 million Americans (12 yrs and up) need addiction help 11% are able to enter specialized rehabilitation Rehab facilities cost about $4k to be admitted REHABILITATION Outpatient rehab treatment costs about $1.5k CENTER OBAMACARE COULD SAVE BILLIONS IN PREVENTIVE CARE AND TREAIMENT Insurers are no longer able to charge higher co-pays or deductibles for mental health appointments vs. other medical appointments The ACA encourages doctors to watch for addictions via drug screening Chronic illnesses caused by addiction could be slowed and prevented - Such as low blood pressure, chronic anxiety disorders, congestive heart failure, and hepatitis C THERE'S STILL MORE TO BE DONE *** Obamacare is far from perfect, and addicts are still struggling to get help REASONS WHY ADDICTS MAY NOT BE GETTING THE CARE THEY NEED 50 years ago, a federal law was implemented which led to Medicaid covering community-based rehab centers with only 16 beds or fewer Original intention was for Medicaid to avoid paying for psychiatric care Most rehab centers have more than 16 beds - 9 of 10 CA rehab centers have more than 16 beds Many of the people the ACA are trying to help could be turned away due to this strange law DON'T FALL VICTIM TO ADDICTION. PROPER CARE AND TREATMENT IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE. PRESENTED BY: a insuranceQUOTES A BANKRATE COMPANY SOURCES HEALTHYCAL.ORGIARCHIVES/13408 TOBACCOFREEKIDS ORGRESEARCHFACTSHEETSPOF0176 PDF MEDICINENET.COMCRUG ABUSEIRELATED-CONDITIONSINDEX HTM DEVELOPED RY NYTIMES COMC01407/1UHEALTHIOBAMACARE-SUBSTANCE-ABUSE-TREATMENT-HURDLES HTML. NOWSOURCING THINKPROGRESS ORGIHEALTH2013012/2609601OBAMACARE-REVOLUTIONIZE-ADDICTION-SERVICES SPTSUSA ORGISUICIDE PREVENTIONUNCATEGORIZEDCBAMACARE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT AFFECT-MENTAL HEALTHCOVERAGE ICPSR UMICH EDUCPSRVEBISAMHDAMAPS/TEDS-AITABLEJSP7DATASET=35037-00018ROW=HERFLGSCOLUMN=STFIPSSHARC= NZFSAMHDABWEIGHT= шш шшшш

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What will happen to addicts after Obamacare? Check out this infographic for more.




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