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The World's 100 Largest Bodies of Water ranked by scale

THE 50 LARGEST BODIES OF WATER KITBARKE by Size Ranked by Size THE OCEANS 3500 mi RANKED BY SIZE PACIFIC OCEAN ATLANTIC OCEAN 60,000,000 sq miles 41,000,000 sq miles INDIAN OCEAN 27,240,000 sq miles SOUTHERN OCEAN ARCTIC OCEAN 7,849,000 sq miles 5,427,000 sq miles THE 15 LARGEST SEAS 1000 mi PHILIPPINE SEA 2,199,000 sq miles CORAL SEA ARABIAN SEA 1,850,000 sq miles 1,491,000 sq miles SOUTH CHINA SEA WEDDELL SEA CARIBBEAN SEA TASMAN SEA 1,351,100 sq miles 1,081,000 sq miles 1,063,000 sq miles 888,000 sq miles BAY OF BENGAL BERING SEA SEA OF OKHOTSK GULF OF MEXICO 838,600 sq miles 772,200 sq miles 611,200 sq miles 600,000 sq miles GULF OF ALASKA BARENTS SEA NORWEGIAN SEA EAST CHINA SEA 592,000 sq miles 540,000 sq miles 534,000 sq miles 482,000 sq miles THE 15 LARGEST LAKES 200 mi Flag indicates countries that share lake shoreline CASPIAN SEA 143,000 sq miles LAKE SUPERIOR 31,700 sq miles LAKE VICTORIA 26,590 sq miles Kazakhstan Russia Turkmenistan Azerbaijan Iran I+I Canada United States Uganda Kenya Tanzania LAKE HURON LAKE MICHIGAN 22,000 sq miles 23,000 sq miles I+I Canada I United States EUnited States LAKE TANGANYIKA 12,600 sq miles LAKE BAIKAL 12,200 sq miles X Burundi Tanzania | Zambia Democratic Republic of the Congo Russia GREAT BEAR LAKE 12,000 sq miles GREAT SLAVE LAKE LAKE MALAWI 11,400 sq mi LAKE ERIE 9,900 sq miles (traditionally known as Tideè in the Tłicho language) 10,000 sq miles I+I Canada Malawi Mozambique Tanzania I+I Canada E United States I+I Canada LAKE WINNIPEG 9,465 sq miles I+I Canada LAKE ONTARIO 7,320 sq miles I+I Canada United States LAKE LADOGA 7,000 sq miles LAKE BALKHASH 6,300 sq miles Russia Kazakhstan THE 15 LARGEST RIVER SYSTEMS 1000 mi A Outflow Point Length NILE-WHITE NILE- KAGERA-NYABARONGO- MWOGO-RUKARARA YANGTZE-JINSHA- TONGTIAN-DANGQU AMAZON-UCAYALI- TAMBO-ENE-MANTARO A Atlantic Ocean h 3,976 miles A Mediterranean Sea E East China Sea h 4,130 miles h 3,917 miles MISSISSIPPI-MISSOURI- JEFFERSON-BEAVERHEAD- RED ROCK-HELL ROARING A Gulf of Mexico YENISEI-ANGARA- SELENGE-IDER A Kara Sea YELLOW RIVER (HUANG HE) A Bohai Sea OB-IRTYSH A Gulf of Ob h3,902 miles 3,445 miles h 3,395 miles h3,364 miles RÍO DE LA PLATA- PARANÁ-RIO GRANDE A Río de la Plata CONGO-CHAMBESHI A Atlantic Ocean AMUR-ARGUN-KHER LEN (HEILONG JIANG) A Sea of Okhotsk LENA RIVER Laptev Sea h 2,736 miles h 3,030 miles h 2,922 miles he 2,763 miles MEKONG RIVER A South China Sea MACKENZIE-SLAVE- PEACE-FINLAY A Beaufort Sea NIGER RIVER Gulf of Guinea BRAHMAPUTRA- YARLUNG TSANGPO Ganges 2,466 miles 2,705 miles 2,637 miles 2,611 miles TOWER PADDLE BO ARDS

The World's 100 Largest Bodies of Water ranked by scale

shared by raleighlawrence97 on May 11
This graphic lists the worlds largest bodies of water including oceans, seas, lakes and rivers ranked by size. The largest body of water on earth is the Pacific ocean and it covers 60 million square m...


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