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Why Do Immigrants Come to the UK?

Why do immigrants come to the UK? Top five nationalities to migrate and settle in the UK 44% Where British Nationals are Migrating To? Pakistan 18,095 Of all immigration to the United Kingdom is work related. Nigeria 30% 7,699* dmstime Of all immigration to the United Kingdom is for education purposes. USA Australia India 1,062,000 Australia British Nationals 26,198* South Africa 14.5% USA 829,000 Of all immigration to the United Kingdom is to accompany/join family members that are already based in the country. 5,778 China 7,244 British Nationals Spain 808,000 British Nationals Canada 608,000 France 253,000 New Zealand 248,000 British Nationals Germany 97,000 British Nationals Latest avalable figures British Nationals British Nationals West Midlands Where are Immigrants Settling in the UK Countries with Strictest and the Laxest Immigration Policies London Of the British Pakistani 19% population live in the West Midlands The Strictest: Japan It takes longer to be granted a Permanent Resident visa in Japan than to become a citizen. 33% Of Chinese immigrants in Britain live in People who want to establish permanent residency must have lived in the country for a total of 10 continuous years or more. London. Those who want to become a citizen of Japan must have lived in the country for five years, receive permission from the Justice Minister and complete a slew of paperwork. The process, according to the Japanese Ministry, can take six to 12 months, although those who have gone through it have reported that it can take years. Of the British Indian 40% population ive The Laxest: Canada 11% London. To combat a shortage of skilled labor that has been stifling the country's economic growth since the 1970s, Canada has adopt- ed one of the most open immigration policies in the world. As of 2010, the foreign-born population makes up 21.3 percent of the country's total population 18,373 RISE The number of 57% Of Nigerian immigrants live in London passengers refused entry at ports accross the UK in the year ending March 2015. The Number of South Africans living in the United Kingdom in 2012 South Africans have 209,000 56,000 settled in London Which Countries Refugees are Settling In? How Many Refugees are Seeking UK Asylum? Germany 47,555 Afghanistan, Syria Sweden 33,025 Eritrea, Syria 20,640 Russia, Syria 25,020 France 31,400 Italy 20,630 Pakistan, Afghanistan Asylum applications made in the UK (main applicants) in the year ending March 2015. It marked a 5% increase on the previous year The number of asylum Switzerland 15,575 Eritrea, Syria applications the UK recieved in 2014, making it the fifth highest UK 14,065 Eritrea, Iran amount within the EU Netherlands 13,250 Eritrea, Syria 5% Belgium 8,515 Afghanistan, Syria RISE Bulgaria 7,020 Syria Norway 5,865 Eritrea, Syria Denmark 5,765 Syria 3,552 Greece 3,850 Afghanistan, Syria Asylum applications were made by the nation of Eritrea Countries with the Highest Number of Asylum Applications in 2014 Germany 47,555 Sweden 33,025 France 20,640 2,421 2,222 Italy 20,630 Asylum applications were made by the nation of Syria Asylum applications were made by the nation of Pakistan UK 14,065 The Number of Work-Related Visas Granted 9% Of the 171,043 work 171,043 Were for Were for 13% higher skilled work visas 26% related visas that in the Year Ending March 2015. higher Youth mobility visas RISE were granted. Chinese & Russian Visitor Visas Family Related Visas 38,697 The number of extensions of stay for family reasons in the year ending March 2015. 47% There were notable increases in visitor visa grants for Chinese. Though applications from Russia fell dramatically 10% Stay Permanently Grants were granted under the new Family Life (10-year) category 2014 42.465 2015 31,928 27% 53% Partner Grants FALL 2014 36138 were granted under the partner category. 2015 28,014 CARTER LAW Carter Law Solicitors Ltd, The Point, Suite 2-3, 173-175 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester M8 8LG. Tel: 0844 414 O667 Fax: 0844 414 0668 2014 16,351 2015 18,373 47,555 Sweden + 00E18 France 米 0ob'1E xn 2014 23,803 2015 25,020

Why Do Immigrants Come to the UK?

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A whole host of facts and data about Immigration to the UK. Which nationalities emigrate to the UK, where do immigrants settle and what are their reasons for coming? This infographic reveals all ...


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