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When the World Comes to Wheaton

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Dale 60.9% 6.7% 12.5% 19.9% ulvers 19.3% Production/Transport rov 2010 Census 70.5% 4.5% 10.0% 13.3% Benon 36.5% Nawtown 2000 Census 78.7% 3% 7.8% 9.0% 6% Management 1.9% Bridg Construction/Maint. CIAnonDSVILLE 1990 Census 88.7% 5.0%4.2% eoksonville MONTGO MERY 40 1.2% 2.6% 18.7% Ladoya 1980 Census 93.0% 4.5% Sales/Office 0.3%1.8% 19.4% agesvILLE nig A RKE eatlin 1970 Census 99.2% Service 0.3% Nichlsogvilla PU TINA M GrEEN CASTLE White non-Hispanic Black non-Hispanic Asian non-Hispanic Hispanic Baglehiotd Clovendale enunton HAUTE Hutte Sailade Paeker Juinin Harrison Hernidon Nada Hose Honemand asant MARRALL The changes in DuPage County are also occurring around the U.S. 13% of the U.S. population is foreign born. Why care? • Diverse populations are an opportunity for outreach, not a threat to Christianity Top 5 countries of origin for foreign born people living in DuPage County* The top 5 countries of origin for foreign born in the United States or the American way of life. Churches will not grow with this new reality if their strategies and styles remain culturally white. Knowledge of world religions is now important for local churches, not just mission organizations. Mexico (25%) Mexico (28%) India (17%) India (5%) Poland (8%) Philippines (5%) • Not all immigrants are poor and in need of English teaching or social service. Many are professionals and/or have good family networks. Philippines (6%) China (4%) China (4%) El Salvador (3%) SGENEVIEVE MOUNT VERNON What does effective outreach to multi-cultural communities look like? JOHNSON'S Learning about God's heart for the world and about ethnic communities in your local area ILLINOIS Listening to the questions, needs and worldviews of diverse neighbors PUBLISHED BY Letting Go of American cultural baggage in our expressions of the gospel and church JOHNSON AND WARD. Linking in partnership with others - such as Mission on Our Doorsteps, International Seale of Miles Students Inc. (ISI), and Ethnic America Network Kntered arcerding to At of Cangreae, in the Yar 184 br AJahnan in the Certe oe l the riatrit Cimert Langitude West 12 from Washingtan. Sources: 2. GMI projection from multiple sources 1. 1970 - 2010 US Census data. Race and ethnicity definitions changed with the 2000 and 2010 census, therefore the Hispanic/non-Hispanic distinction is not comparable prior to 2000 and data can sum to more than 100% as people identify with multiple races. Hispanic is an ethnicity not a race. Above data does not include American Indian and Pacific Islanders, who are a very small proportion of the population. Even with changes in definitions and the difficulty of comparing historical data, the changes in race and ethnicity in DuPage County are significant. 3.2000 and 2010 US Census 4. US Census, American Community Survey 2009, DuPage County, IL 5. US Census, American Community Survey 2009 6. US Census, 2012 Estimate, Foreign Born Profile Data, DuPage County, IL Sponsored by: The regional content and country profiles for a specific region are now available in one easy-to-use PDF file. OPE OPERATION To find more infographics Operation World 7th Edition Regional Profiles WORLD from GMI visit gmi Available today at WORLD

When the World Comes to Wheaton

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Middle America has traditionally been a homogeneous region with a strong Evangelical community that was a powerhouse in global mission. Nowhere in the Midwest exemplifies that as much as Wheaton, IL. ...


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