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What if there was no Moon?

What if there was no moon? Our tides would be just 40% of what they are now. They would be influenced mostly by the sun then. Nights would be much darker. The moon keeps our axis tilted between 23 to 26 degrees. Otherwise, if we orbit in the same plane as our rotation, we would have no seasons. Fast rotation 4hr 5hr 6hr 3hr I day complete 7hr Our days would be just 6-8 hours long. That's because the moon's tidal friction slows the earth's rotation gradually. So, if there never was a There would be no moon, earth's rotation would've been 3-4 times faster than what is eclipses. it now, so our days would be shorter. FUN FOR ME! MOGOMI Visit for more cool stuff! .com Copyright © 2015 Mocomi & Anibrain Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 8hr 2hr

What if there was no Moon?

shared by ram.shengale.7 on Jan 30
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Did you know that there would be no eclipses and nights would be much darker without the moon.


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