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ИТ URBANIZATION ЯШ Drivers of Urbanization Urban Growth 3 Migration Local governance Jobs Disease Infrastructures Social fragmentation Urban sprawl Education Informal settlements Housing Slums Segregation Congestion Poverty Consumer Markets Population Growth in Urban Areas Demographics Urban regeneration Migration from Rural Areas Agglomeration Metropolisation Pollution Efficiency Globalisation Rapid Urbanization Urban Sprawl 1.6 Rate of change of urban population 1.4 The city of 2030 will aim to become more compact we cannot afford to use more and more of the earth's surface for low-density, resource-intensive settlements, in which mobility depends almost wholly on the car 1.2 1 2000-2010 2010-2020 12020-2030 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 Africa Asia Europe Latin America & the Northern America Oceania Carribbean -0.2 Sprawl Polycentric Monocentric Greater than 75% 2010 2050 50% - 75% 25% - 50% Less than 25% This graphic depicts countries and territories with 2050 urban populations exceeding 100,000. Circles are scaled in proportion to urban population size. Urban Agglomeration and Megacities Slums Megacity: Urban agglomeration of more than 10 million people The city of 2030 is a city in which the poor are not exported to slums on the urban periphery or unsafe land, nor isolated in inner city ghettos, but where their needs (present and anticipated) are integrated into the city's planning systems for land use, infrastructure development and public services. 2200 I 1970 I 1990 I 2011 1 2025 2000 1800 500 1 2010 1 2007 1 2005 O 2000 1 1995 11990 1600 450 1400 400 1200 350 1000 300 800 600 250 400 200 200 150 Fewer than 500,000 500,000 to 1 Million 1 Million to 5 Million 5 Million to 10 Million 10 Million or more 100 50 The number of people living in megacities is on the rise but more than 60% of the population lives in small and middle-sized cities Developing Regions Northern Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Latin America & The Eastern Asia Southern Asia Western Asia Oceania Caribbean Share of the population below $1.25/day Well-managed urbanization can achieve Millennium Development Goals, improving quality of life and avoiding slum development. Urban poverty is lower Poverty rates are falling in both urban and rural areas but are lower in urban areas 1990 1996 2002 2006 UCLG United Cities and Local Governments I East Asia and Pacific I Europe and Central Asia I Latin America and the Caribbean I Middle East and North Africa I South Asia I Sub-Saharan Africa Sources UCLG Manifesto United Nations


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Urbanization and the situation faced by local authorities. Infographic exploring the urban reality and the essential role played by local and regional authorities in this process.




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