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Ukraine: Straddling Fault Lines

MUKRAINE STRADDLING FAULT LINES Ukraine has -outside forces pushing for dominations experienced instability throughout history as regional and global forces have overlapped and Muslim Ottoman Turks Soviets created fault lines in Catholic Poles the area. Instability WEST VS. EAST does not thwart GEOPOLITICAL FAULT God's work in Ukraine. pro-French then anti-French pro-German then anti-German pro-American then anti-American Russia - love/hate In land area, Ukraine is slightly smaller than God is at Work Despite the Faults Texas or France. relationship with West over centu For decades Ukrainian Ukraine has a population Protestants have been sending missionaries across the former of 46 million, similar to the U.S. states of Texas Soviet Union, believing that God has positioned them for this mission partly through their competence in Russian. and Florida combined or Putin's 2014 the country of Spain. Eastern incursion into Ukraine has Crimea and E. Ukraine a higher percentage of In 2010, there were 199 Ukrainian theological training makes the rest of Ukraine more strongly Russians than institutions with a total of Ukrainian in language other Ukraine 17,252 students. and identity. regions except Crimea. Worship locations, number of clergy, and monasteries all roughly doubled between Ukrainian vs. Russian ETHNIC AND 1990 and 1995 after the break- Down with Putin Forever! up of the Soviet Union, and they have roughly doubled again in the 20 years since. NATIONALIST FAULT Putin The largest Protestant congregation in Europe ("The Embassy of God") is a Slavic charismatic church planted and led in Kyiv by a Nigerian pastor. Its aim is not only church growth but the transformation of Ukrainian Transitioning from communist to democratic systems requires long-term societal shifts. society (and beyond) at all levels. Ukraine is the most corrupt Prayer and Action country in Europe, Democratic vs. Communist Heritage even more than Pray for God's peace for Christians in Ukraine enduring agonizing and uncertain times. Russia? GOVERNANCE FAULT Pray that Ukrainian and Russian Christians will be able to rise above their ethnic differences. Religious Adherents 2 2010 Pray for the revival and reconciliation of the ancient churches. Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox % of RELIGIOUS FAULT Protestants 29.1% Pray that mission in and from Ukraine is not thwarted. Orthodox (Kyiv Patriarchate) 12.5% For further study see the East West Church & Ministry Report (focused on Ukraine), Ukrainian Christian Congregations Catholic Orthodox (Eastern-Rite) Summer 2014 1 congregation for every 1,543 people (Moscow Patriarchate) 10.7% http://www.eastwestreport .org/pdfs/ew22-3.pdf 34.3% Jews, Muslims, 16,811Orthodox 8,497 Protestant 4,736 Catholic and Catholic (Roman) 46,354,642 National Population Others 3.1% Orthodox (Ukr. Autocephalous) 3.5% Sources and other explanatory notes at Sponsored by: Where To find more infographics Noweburch Dispatches from Christian workers in the Muslim world. Where There Is Now A Church from GMI visit gmi since 17th century ORRUPTION

Ukraine: Straddling Fault Lines

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Living on a fault line is full of unknowns. Whether the unknowns are environmental, social, religious or economic, they are unsettling. But even though Ukraine has faced so many unknowns throughout it...





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