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Top 5 Most Remarkable Hot Springs in the World

TOP 5 MOST REMARKABLE HOT SPRINGS IN THE WORLD The biggest, bubbliest and best! Hot springs are the result of geothermally-heated water emerging from our planet's crust, they come in all shapes and sizes and the Earth is home to thousands of them. Here are some of the most striking from across the world. FRYING PAN LAKE LOCATION: WAIMANGU VOLCANIC RIFT VALLEY Max width: 200m (660ft) Surface area: 3.8 ha (9.4 acres) Max depth: 20m (66ft) Water volume: 200.000 m (160 acre-ft) Water Temperature: 50-60°C x 13 (width) NEW ZEALAND Frying Pan Lake is the largest hot spring in the world, with a width that is equivalent to over 13 nose-to-nose double decker buses and holding as much water as 80 olympic-sized swimming pools. x 80 (water volume) a.k.a: THE LARGEST YANGBAJING HOT SPRINGS LOCATION: TIBET AUTONOMOUS REGION Size: 7,300m? Highest temperature: 125.5°C These hot springs are likely the highest altitude set of hot springs on earth, at over 4,300m above sea level! It's also the site of a geothermal plant; the steam powered generators produce 30% of the Tibetan Capital, Lhasa's power. TIBET 30% a.k.a: THE HIGHEST TROLL & JOTUN HOT SPRINGS LOCATION: Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park, Svalbard - Norway North Latitude: 80 degrees Water temperature: 25°C-28°C Sitting in the Arctic circle, these are the northernmost hot springs on earth. These springs are named after creatures from Norse mythology. a.k.a: THE NORTHERNMOST NORWAY GRAND PRISMATIC SPRINGS LOCATION: YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyoming - USA Elevation: 7,270 ft (2,220m²) Discharge: 560 US gallons (2,100L /minute) Temperature: 160°F (70°C) Depth: 160ft (50m) Not only the biggest hot spring in the USA, but because of it's beautiful colouration - red, orange, yellow, green and blue tones that match the rainbow dispersion of light and are caused by pigmented bacteria in the microbial mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water. USA a.k.a: THE MOST COLOURFUL BEPPU ONSEN LOCATION: BEPPU, ÕITA - JAPAN Water volume: 130,000 tons Number of hot springs: 2,909 These hot springs discharge a volume of water second only in the world to Yellowstone Park, gushing 130,000 tons of hot spring water from 2,909 hot spring vents positioned around the city every day. The springs feed a huge number of public baths, relaxing spring areas and steam rooms. JAPAN a.k.a: THE MOST DIVERSE We've barely scratched the surface, there are countless hot springs out there - each as unique as the next. Why not find out where your nearest spring is? SOURCES ARTESIAN SPAS EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE 4,300m

Top 5 Most Remarkable Hot Springs in the World

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A look into the diverse and majestic world of geothermal hot springs; whether they're garden-sized bubbling pools of relaxing warm water or giant, steaming chasms of boiling froth we're fascinated by ...


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