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Sea Level

UNSTOPPABLE RISE IN EARTH'S SEA LEVEL SOUTH POLE DISAPPEARING WILDLIFE THE POLAR ICE CAPS MAY APPEAR TO BE FROZEN WASTELANDS, BUT IN FACT THEY ARE TEEMING WITH LIFE. THE MELTING POLAR ICE CAPS ANTAR CTIC COULD RESULT IN THE EXTINCTION OF OVER 200 SPECIES NORTH POLE OF ANIMALSS, INCLUDING POLAR BEARS AND PENGUINS. RISE IN TEMPERATURE In uhat appears to be the first forced move resuleing from climate change, 150 residents of Tegua Istand in the Pacific Ocean were evacuated because rising sea levels were flooding their istand. CAUSING CATASTROPHIC HURRICANES 7out of the 10 varmest years on record have been between 2000 and 2010 AS GLOBAL TEMPERATURES INCREASE, THE INTENSITY OF RISE IN ARCTIC SEA LEVEL HURRICANES ALSO INCREASES. THE NUMBER OF HURRICANES THAT The ice tha connects the North Pole to the continents TOOK PLACE IN THE PAST DECADE IS MORE THAN DOUBLE THE of Europe, Asia and North Aeenica nelted for the tirst tine in the suamer of 2008, thus making the North Pote an istand -------- Ve are facing a warming trend unseen since hunan divitization began 10.000 years ago. COMBINED NUMBER OF HURRICANES THAT TOOK PLACE BETWEEN 1970 AND 2000. IN 2005 ALONE, THERE WERE OVER 26 NAMED Potar ice cap boundary as of 1979 STORMS DEVASTATING VARIOUS COASTLINES OF THE GLOBE. RISE IN Polar ice cap boundary The most worrying statistic is the increase in category 4 and SEA as of 1999 category 5 hurricanes. These are the most powerful types of LEVEL (INCHES) hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina reached Category 5 and went on Projected polar ice cap boundary for the year 2019 to devastate the city of New Orleans. Then there was Hurricane Wilma, the most intense tropical cyclone ever SEA LEVEL WILL RISE BY 10 FEET recorded in the Atlantic basin. Hurricane 50 Wilma battered Florida, Cuba Polar ice caps have shrunk by thirty-four percent in the Last 25 years Scientists estimate that in the next 50-70 years the polar ice caps will melt comptetety This witt cause the seatevet to rise by sore and southern Mexico. Not all 40 hurricanes are reported. THE WORLD HAS LESS TIME LEFT than 10 feet, causing unimaginable devastation. The submerging coastlines threaten to displace milLlions of people and wilL change the world map forever. RED ALERT- THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT 30 WHITE COLLAR Due to the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation, there is an increase in the levels of unfriendly gases in the atmosphere Like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane, These gases trap energy from the sun and cause a substantial increase in the average globat temperature. As Levels of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere continue to rise, our planet will become burning hot and will be covered in a heat trapping blanket of gases. 20 FORGET LIVING NEAR THE EQUATOR. RO00000 ECES THE EARTH'S TEMPERATURE IS RISING FASTER THAN IT HAS TRAVEL NOW EVER RISEN BEFORE. EACH PASSING DECADE IS PROVING TO 10 BE HOTTER THAN THE LAST. THE RATE AT WHICH GLOBAL TEMPERATURES ARE RISING WITHIN 150 YEARS REGIONS >>>> The TRAVEL Co. AROUND THE EQUATOR WILL BECOME UNINHABITABLE. 14.4 14.2 14.0 rorans as a whole have survived the vagaries of drought and stretches of warmth and cold. But never have we experienced the drastic changes in the weather cycle that are going to take place in the coming 100 years. To survive is going to be the greatest test of our species. 13.8 13.6 13.4 13.2 YEAR The world as we know itis not going to remain the same for much longer. Most small islands will be completely submerged under water by 2100. Most of today's coastlines will also go under. I GLOBAL TEMPERATURE IN DEGREES CELSIUS YEAR 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2010 2100 2200 Within the next 120 years, several major cities around the world are likely to be submerged under water. 00OMATIOH 1975 0002

Sea Level

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As global temperatures increase, the intensity of hurricanes also increases. The number of hurricanes that took place un the past decade is more than double the combined number of hurricanes that took...




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