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Illuminated Shores

THE 30 TALLEST LIGHTHOUSES OF THE WORLD Lighthouses are towers or structures designed to aid mariner navigation at sea or at inland waterways. The 30 tallest lighthouses of the world are organized from left to right and top to bottom in chronological order on a collapsed timeline. The silhouette of each Lighthouses line the shores of our continents and mark The Illuminated Shores of the World the most dangerous coasts. During the night, lighthouses emit patterns of lights which become uniquely identifiable. During the day, lighthouses can be seen by the patterns painted on their outer lighthouse is graphed to scale and the radius of light visualizes the ranges of these lights. The pie lines visualize the light pattern, characteristics, 000 NO 2. CANADA 1.350 LIGHTS NO 5. SWEDEN walls such as the most 473 LIGHTS direction and color of common stripes pattern. each light. One full circumference On the right are all the lighthouses around the world.The map represents 60 seconds, and three dashed pie lines (with two dashes each) equate to two flashes USA demonstrates how 1.326 LIGHTS almost all of the world's coastlines are luminated every seconds. NO 4. 20 FRANCE 785 LIGHTS by these manmade structures. Evidently the northern hemisphere holds the majority of the world's lighthouses sources: World List of Lights ( UNC ( lighthouse/tallest) with the most in the Europe continental area. However, the Light Color White country with the most lighthouses is Japan, with 2,583 lighthouses. The top 5 countries with the most NO I. Red JAPAN 2,683 LIGHTS Green 25 in 25 M (nautical miles) Light Characteristics Flash Light Pattern 3 Flashes 0.60s Occulting North Light Direction 12s lighthouses is also identified on the map. NE Jeddah Light is the world's tallest East 425 ligthhouse. It is located on the Red Sea, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Lesnoy Mole Range Lights located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, are the world's tallest range 1500 LIGHTHOUSE GENOA 1543 1600 Riciera Ligure sdi Ponente, Lingurian Sea CORDUOAN LIGHTHOUSE Girande. France lights; a pair of lights designed to indicate distances between two 1788 Le Verden-ur-Mfer, Bay of Biscay. Celtic Sea points which are often POINTE DE BARFLEUR LIGHT leur, English Channed rille-le-Phare, France situated at inland waterways. SWINOUJSCIE LIGHTHU Balric Sea 1557 1893 Aveira, Portagal bipiona, Spain Chipinna 1893 Mediterrancan Bari, Italy 1869 Sea Neuse dires Province, drgentina SAINT-PIERRE LIGHT 1900 Port of Emden, Emes Estaary, North Sea akum, Leer District, G 879 Penmare'b, Finistere Department, F BORKUM GROBER LIGHT IGHTHOUSE CAMPEN LIGHTHOUSE 1891 English Channel, No Campen l'illage, Fritia Region, Germany RECALADA LIGHT 1906 RIA LIGHT ermanean Sea 1927 Bahia Blanca, Saath Aelantic Ocean Alonte Hermosa, Eluenas diries, Argenti Ris de La Piata, Seuth Atlantic Ocean Punta del Este, Uragaay 1907 ANANA LIGHT NOSY ALAN Ocran 1912 Tramasina, Madapascar 1911 Peninsula Verge, Babia Tuures, Rie Grande de Nerte, Brazil CALCANHAR LIGHTHth LINE aly ncan Sea EL RINCON LIGHT eemtina 1948 Adriatic Sea, 1925 Bucnes diret Prepine, drgentin Penimsula lerge, Bahia lanca, Sautb Arlantic Ocean ROCHES-DOUVRES LIGHT 'Armar, Frant Cira-C4 VOSLAPP RANGE REAR LIGHT Wilhelesbacen, Germ 1954 Mediterrancan Sea 1959 CAPE HATTERAS LIGHT Banks, Nerth Atlan Hatter YOKOHAMA MARINE TOWER ner Harbour, Tokyo 1961 Narth of Cape Hatteras Puint. 0uteland. Nerth Carolina, USA MAASVLAKTE LIGHT herlandi Yekehama fa Bay Naka Hard, Vokobama, Japan 1974 Maarvlakte, Reter Red Sea Jeddah, Sandi Arabia 2000 Oiangzhen Strait, Sauth China Sea Haikea Bay, Qiengzbon Strait, Seuth China Sea Heidian lland. Hainan Propine, China BAISHAMEN LIGHTHOUSE Saint Peteriburg, Rassia 2.5 in = 250 ft Genea, Italy AVEIRO LIGHT Nerth Arlantic Oran Ems River, Nerth Sea PUNTA MÉDANOS gentine Sea, Sautb Atlantic Ocean Triste, Italy Ray of Biscay, Celitic Sea lle aux Pru France North Sea Swinnajscie, Pe CHIPIONA LIGHT Gulf of Cadiz, Narth Arlantic Okean PUNTA PENNA LIGHTHOUSE ++++++ XXXXX000 ****** Nerth Sea BARI LIGHT ISLA DE LOBOS JEDDAH LIGHT Englisb Channel ADZIOGOL LIGHTHOUSE PLANIER LIGHT Daicper River, Black Sea Kherani'ka Obast, Ukraine MULANTOU LIGHTHOUSE Ile du Planier, Marseille. Franor Hainan Province, China LESNOY MOLE REAR RANGE LIGHT Gulf of Finland, Baltic Sea TEAR ENKOWN

Illuminated Shores

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Visualizing the 30 tallest lighthouses around the world and their light characteristics that make them uniquely identifiable.



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