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The Happiest Countries 2014

The Happiest ceurtries 2014 *According to the world happiness report USDSSN. IS6 of 193 un recognised countries surveyed. Happiness Factors Base Coutry + Resid ual GDP Per Capita social Support * Life Expectancy Freedom of choic e Government Generosity Corruption Level 10 10 Great Britain cam e 22 nd with a of score 6.883 ** Central African Republic Bottom Ten 147. Seneg a l 148. Syria 149. Co moros IS0. Guine a ISI. Tan z ania Тор Тел J. Denm ark 2. Norway 3.5 w iłzerland 4. Nether!ands 5. Sweden 6. Canada 7. Finlan d 8. Austr i a 4. Iceland T0. Austr alia R w anda I 5 3. Burundi IS4. C.A.R ** ISS. Benin I5 6. Togo I52. Top Ten Medical expendibure per capita $5,669 $5,643 $5,099 $3,925 $4,522 $3,374 $4,546 $3,305 $3,800 $4,448 per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita per capita (10.9% GDP) (4.3% GDP) (11% GDP) (11.9%.GDP) (4.5% GDP) (I1.2% ĢDP) (9% GDP) (10.8% GDR) (9% GDP) (8.9% ĠDP) Score 7+ Africa is statistically the unhappiest continent. all bottom twelve countries are African and no country in the continent made the top SO. the highest ranking afri- can nation is Angola at no. 61. Europe is staistically the happiest continent, especially scandinavia, all scandinavian countries made the top ten with a total of 8 nations from europe scoring 7+. Only 2.5% scoring lower than 4 and 42.5% scoring higher than 6. Score 6 -7 Score S - 6 Score 4 - S Score 3 - 4 Score 0 - 3 not rated Country position ( 2012) A verage World H appiness 5:158 Den mark Norway ! 5wiłzerland Ne +herlands Sweden Canada Finland {Most Det eriated Happiness) A ustria Iceland (Most Improved Happiness) 20 A ustrailia United Kingdom Sources House Buy Fast The Quick Sale Company 7.693 Score SS9L OS92 7.S12 08ti2 LLH2 7.389 Denmark Norway Switzerland Netherlands Sweden Canada Finland Austria Iceland Australia Senegal Syria SSEL OSEL 3.892 3.851 OLLE SIL'E 90L'E 3.623 soJowo) Guinea Tanzania Rwanda Burundi CAR** Benin 3.528 2.436 oboo

The Happiest Countries 2014

shared by jonathanrolande on Apr 11
This infographic shows the happiest countries in the world and some of the most unhappy countries. What do you think? Do you agree? Let us know!


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