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A Difficult Start To 2011

A DIFFICULT START TO 2011 An infographic examination of the first four months of the year NATURAL DISASTERS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2011 MEXICO N.ZEALAND April h Magnitude 65 eathquate Meico February 21t Magnitue thqke h New Zealand AMERICA JAPAN January 1th Magniude 45earthquake NCalfoma March 1th Major eathquake hits Japan meauring in magntude and cesing a devestating April 1 Calinand tunami Tomadoes hiN. Carolina and Virginie, kiing least April (several dates) omadoes acos Alabama kitat least 180 people Magnitude 64arthquake iof the coat of Japan April h Magnitude Aethqueke thore of Japan ARGENTINA CHINA AUSTRALIA January Tst Magnitude eanhquale hiti Argentina January 3 teale January tst Magnitude eathute Southem Kinang China Magnitude 10eanhquae hiti nothen Argeina January rd Maood hits ockhampton in Australa CHILE January and Magniude 71 earthoquake MILITARY CONFLICTS & CIVIL UNREST IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2011 LIBYA EGYPT TUNISIA PAKISTAN IRAQ fehears Arest of human rights canpeigner spat violent Janary January sees increasing violence throughout Pakistan 21 ed by a bomb placed in church in Alesandria where Chrivtans had gathered to mark the New Tear Several days of anti governmeit demonstations, panantly encoura by Tunisian street roeS wh prempted President Mubarak neshuffes his cabinet but fails to placate demonstraton Nationwide protests over unemploymetand politica estrictions Demonsators say police at leant 50 people while nying to ppresi die Pesident Ben Al gees into exle Janary January es cotinud violence thoughou 116 prople kiled in suicide bombings in Tkt and Karbala, and another 2 people killed in car bomb explosions in Karbala, Tit and laghdad ag protests in eastern city of Senghaai that rapidly реж spread to other cities. Authorities wse aincraft to attack Gaddah insits he will not quit and remains in contral of the capital. bombings. 19 deats from drone bombings, 37 deathe from ED car bombs and other bombings, 57 deaths from shootingi and ambushes and 1 political aaination otestors, C Me Mohammed nouchi annou nterim nationalunity Manch UN Security Counclthoes ano-ly zone over Libya and rres to protect February Vielence contnues throughout February. 42 kiled in car bonbings govemment, only panly saistying protesion February Violence continues throughout february. February Prime Minier Ghannouch esinns, responding to demands fron profestors Vaand othe 32 deaths from icide embings and 24 deaths fnom military attacks shoetings and ambushes 4 kiled in an armed assault and 59 people kiled in suicide bombings in Samama and Ramad civilant. Backed by extensive NATO air raids, Libyan nebels initially capture February Pstent Muharak finaly steps down. March territory but are then ferced by beter-armed pro Gaddah forces Continued violence in Inag. 10 people killed in March Inceased violence in Pakistan. More than 100 deaths attribuned o sheetings and ambushes sa deaths from suicide bombings and 73deaths from IED roadide bombs and ether bombings. icide bombings in Begoube and Hataha 6kiled in a adside bomb, 16 in violence in Mosul and eecuted duringa hostage osis in the northem town of Tri NOT TO MENTION ONGOING CONFLICTS IN April Violence continues during April with 20 people killed in bombings n Raghdad and a further being ed by auicide bomber in Mosul AFGHANISTAN, IVORY COAST, NIGERIA, April Violence continues RUSSIA, ISRAEL, SENEGAL, INDONESIA, THAILAND, SUDAN, PHILIPPINES, YEMEN, UGANDA, INDIA, MEXICO AND MORE 63 deaths from cde bonbings, 20 death from bombings and 27 deaths from thootings THE JAPANESE CRISIS THE JAPANESE EARTHQUAKE ITH LARGEST THE EARTHQUAKE AND THE WAS THE '5" RESULTING TSUNAMI KILLED IN HISTORY 9.079 PEOPLE, DESTROYED 13 CITIES AND INJURED AN ESTIMATED 3,000 PEOPLE CAUSING MORE THAN 500 AFTERSHOCKS SINCE THE billion FIRST EARTHQUAKE STRUCK ESTIMATED ECONOMIC LOSS infographic design by designbysoap

A Difficult Start To 2011

shared by JohnDBS on Jul 26
A look at the difficult first four months of 2011.



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