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Denmark Country Data

timeline 9.C. the Danish took part in Viking expeditions to the coasts of Western Europe the Jutland dynasty unuified Denmark, which was gradually converted to Christianity 11C Svein I gained control of England. His son Canute ruled England, Demark and Norway 120 1042 England gained independence from Denmark a feudal regime became established in Denmark, and the influence of the Roman Catholic Church grew 116757-1241 Denmark's medieval civilization flourished under Valdemar I and II Archbishop Absalon (1128-1201) fortified the settlement of Copenhagen 14C the Kalmar Union brought the three Scandinavian kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden together. 1523 the Kalmar Union was dissolved when Gustav I Vasa became king Sweden sweden 1536 Lutheranism became Denmark's official religion 449,964 km2 1729 Greenland became a province of Denmark 1770-2 the mentally ill king Christian VII ceded power to the politician Johann Struensee, who ruled as a dictator 17C Denmark lost part of its territory to Sweden through the Thirty Years' War and several later wars energy consumption 1973 norway 323,802 km? Denmark joined the European Economic Community (EEC) 2001 a far-right coalition goverment was elected in Denmark = 1 quadrillion Btus Denmark 2.. DENMARK size comparisons 43,094 km2 jessie ning Mapping Information RISD sp13 Instructor: Douglass Scott Aarhus Copenhagen Odense the netherlands 41,543 km europe US 10,180,000 km2 MASSACHUSETTS DENMARK 228 germany 357,021 km2 trade communications population info density comparison per 1,000 people = 1,000,000 people %3D IMPORT COUNTRIES Germany Germany Sweden DENMARK: Sweden 129.5 ppl/km2 UK DENMARK Norway TV: 97.5% telephone: 47.3% newspaper: 35.3% internet: 88.7% AGE GROUPS AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS US Netherlands TOTAL EXPORT: 92.8 BILLION 15~60: 66.7% over 65: 15% under 15: 18.3% BANGLADESH: sheep 131,000 1032.6 ppl/km2 unit: tons Machinery Parts Food, Tobacco Chemicals Others Denmark: Sweden: Germany: 81,854,185 The Netherlands: Norway: 4,858,200 5,580,413 9,468,522 16,776,291 Others Others EXPORT COUNTRIES sugar 3,385,000 wheat 4,059,000 rape 350,000 barley 4,121,000 potatoes 1,506,000 rye 350,000 fish 2,005,000 unit: heads cattle 1,796,000 pigs 12,732,000

Denmark Country Data

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Infographics on Denmark: country size, communications data, population info, agriculture, timeline, energy consumption, and trade.


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