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A Curious Union

Google Autocomplete results for a few short : questions about our illustrious states.. ..Maine famous? A CURIOUS UNION .Vermont liberal? .New Hampshire important in elections? Why Is... .New York ...Massachusetts a commonwealth? pizza so good? .North Dakota not a state? .Minnesota government shut down? ..Wisconsin having two parts? .Rhode island called an island? . Michigan in .Pennsylvania important? recall elections? .Washington state so liberal? TOhio important with election? .Indiana so flat? ...Connecticut so haunted? ...New Jersey so bad? .South Dakota .Virginia a important? ...lowa caucus Commonwealth? ...w.Virginia first? .ldaho shaped like it is? .llinois so corrupt? fat? .Wyoming so windy? ..Delaware the first state? .Oregon tax free? .Nebraska unicameral? Kentucky a commonwealthe a good place to live? .North Carolina ...DC not a state? .Missouri ...South Carolina so humid? so humid? .Kansas so boring? .Tennessee so humid? .Maryland the best state? .Utah .Nevada a desert? .Colorado so healthy? s0 salty? ...Arkansas pronounced? .Georgia Alabama the clay red? Smartest state? .oklahoma dirt red? "why is", the Uhited "why is" hot topics. .California broke? Mississippi the fattest state? - in debt a nation of immigrants so powerful climate ...New Mexico famous? Florida so weird? - political position ..Arizona in libya ...Louisiana the only state with parishes? stereotypes so hot? terrain ...Texas so hot? Alaska part of the usa? .Hawaii a state? ..Maine coon cats go outside? Vermont feed itself? .New Hampshire felon vote? Can... * Excluding results for state-named universities and state name/nickname origins (because that's all you'd see). ..Minnesota have .North Dakota earthquakes? rental laws? Michigan have .Wisconsin live earthquakes? with its wolves? .Washington state felonš vote? .Montana secede? ...Ohio have .South Dakota found? .Indiana earthquakes? .lowa iowa sex offender live? felons votel ..Oregon afford .ldaho have .llinois ...Delaware ..Wyoming constitution amended? the death penalty? .Nebraska tornadoes? felon vote? entucky teachersNorth Carolina unemployment? minor move out? export? ...DC residents garnish wages? ..Missouri vote? constitution changed? .Tennessee walkers jump? ...South Carolina seceded? .Georgia governor grant clemency? .Maryland felons vote? .Kansas .Colorado have earthquakes? felons vote? .utah be a renewable earthquakes? energy leader? .Nevada have .Arkansas felons vote? .Alabama handle the truth? Mississippi firefighters use sirens? ..Louisiana use biomass? .oklahoma garnish your wages? "can" hot topics. felony voting secession on amendments .California break off? catchy news headlines Florida recall a governor? - hurricane or .Arizona have earthquakes? ...Texas secede? .Alaska secede? .Hawaii have hurricanes? .Vermont roads reopen? When Will... .New York state thruway open? ...Connecticut get power back? .New Jersey get power back? * Also excluding results for different 'can' uses like the shortened form of Canada. ...Minnesota government shutdown end? .Wisconsin pass „Michigan dispensaries reopen? concealed carry? .Pennsylvania legalize? Washington have San earthquake? .Montana get 4g? ...Ohio casinos open? .Delaware river crest? .indiana get ..Maryland get snow this year? .lowa get 49? 4g service? .llinois get ..Virginia legalize pot? .Oregon mail ballots? .Nebraska join the big ten? concealed cărryf Kentucky kihgdom reopen? deregulate energy? .North Carolina ...Missouri tax. forms be ready? .Colorado ski resorts open? .Kansas citų play in the playoffs? ..Tennessee legalize weed? .utah have an earthquake? ...Arkansas be ...Georgia start paying playing in the sugar bowl? unemployment? "when will" hot topics.. .Alabama .oklahoma drought end? moon Come out? :- Marijuana Legalization .California break off? 4G Coverage .Florida be under water? Looming Natural ..Arizona run out of water? ..Louisiana Disasters .Texas drought end? tegalize weed? John Nelson, IDV Solutions Alaska pfd amount be announced? .Hawaii 5-0 return? Inspired by Dorothy Gambrell

A Curious Union

shared by johnmnelson on Mar 02
Autocomplete provides a great insight into the ponderings of a googling populace. Here are some of the things folks are curious about regarding the (other?) states of the Union. roundabout ways of p...


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