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Climate Change, Beach Erosion and TenCate Geotube

Climate change and beach protection With the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy still fresh, beachfront communities across the country are looking for ways to combat the devastating effects of these new super storms. Beach restoration Cities throughout the United States spend millions of dollars on beach renourishment. It's a significant investment in a beachfront community's tourism industry that is in need of protection when threatened by storms. Before After Natural process of erosion · Endangers property • Threatens ecosystems • Costs a lot to fix sand waves Natural wave action can slowly erode freshly renourished beaches, but severe storms can create devastating waves that can cut sand out of a beach and wash it out to sea. One hurricane can swallow more than a hundred feet of beach, destroy fragile beach ecosystems, eliminate dune formations and threaten homes and businesses. TenCate Geotube® protection • Protects coastlines • Maintains ecosystems Permanent solution sand waves A TenCate Geotube is made from durable synthetic fibers woven into the shape of a container and filled with dredged sand during the beach renourishment process. It is then buried beneath the high tide line. The immense waves caused by hurricanes and super storms are blocked by the geocontalners. The anchored geotextile prevents the foundational sand from eroding. TenCate Geotube® technology has proven adept over the past 50 years at protecting shorelines, the environment, properties and a community's investment in its beaches. The benefits of healthy beaches Turtles Sea turtles lay their eggs in locations along beaches that are vurnerable to storm erosion. TenCate Geotube help maintain this threatened species' population. Birds TenCate Geotube protect vital wetlands, estuaries and scrub habitat from the devastating effects or erosion, sand relocation and salt water encroachment. Homeowners make a signifcant investment when they |- UP Homes purchase waterfront property, and TenCate Geotube help governments protect valuable property tax bases. Harbors Maintaining stable waterfront infrastructure is vital for severe weather navigation and the protection of vessels moored in harbors. A history of trust in beachfront communities TenCate Geotube technology was created 50 years ago in the Netherlands for the protection of Ocean City, NJ Atlantic City NJ. Sea Isle City. NJ the Dutch West coast after the devastating floods in 1953 which resulted in 1,800 deaths and large-scale livestock and property destruction. Bald Head New Orleans and, NC TenCate Geotube containers for TenCate Geotube containers are made with high-strength, specially-engineered geotextiles with patented seaming techniques to resist pressure from waves and shoreline protection have been installed in the past decades on the East Coast of the United Grand-Isle, LA States of America and in more than 50 countries worldwide. severe weather. TenCate Geotube To leam more about TenCate Geotube technology or other TenCate applications for marine structures and dewatering, background information is available. For details please visit or call TenCate Geosynthetics at (706) 693-2226. TenCate Geosynthetics 365 South Holland Drive, Pendergrass, GA 30567 Tel: (706) 693-2226 Fax: (706) 693-4400

Climate Change, Beach Erosion and TenCate Geotube

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Infographic about he solution to the beach erosion. Beach erosion is a natural process but when hurricanes like Sandy hit the beaches everything (including properties and turtles) is damaged. Beach er...




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