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Areas of Europe

Europe area Europo 48 km Andorra Czoch Ropublic 7e ecG km Armonia 29 BLC kan Denmark 70 273 km Aust Estonia Italy 3L1 338 ku Monaco 2 kn cxtcrt of Europc Kazakhstan 200 XC k 338 145 km Montenegro 13 S12 kn Bolarus Slovakia 49 035 km Frar Nothcrlands Blgium Slovenia 2 273 km Licchtenstcin 162 km Norway 365 252 k Bosnia and Hcr zogovina 129 kra 30 km Germany Lithuania C5 200 km 312 G79 km Bulgaria Swodon 40 964 ka Grocco Luxcmbourg Portugal Cro atia 56 S12 km 41 284 km Hungary *Note Country This pesta takes in aradoctien thc geographical extent f Hpe. I cxdules the cico d Aaon ports ct Rusaa ond Tukcy ond aunts in cnly the aca ct a caled H peen Rusao and East Thece. I dsc cxdudes Cypus which is anacdcied bang pait cd Eu pe culturally Lut gecgaphically is nt. On cartray it indules cico ct West Korokhstan ord Couczsus rayicn which beth lic goLgrophically within Eurc pe The iclcine axcs ct Hurpcon pert d Russn and R pe itsclt ccced the comes siKe. Rome 391 kat Dta os d 2a. Rebiced trum Turkoy 23 764 kn I63 CCI km 3 00 CCC ku Moldova San Marino Unitod Kingdom 21 820 ku Scrbia Vatican CS km Europo GEOGRAPHICS Albania Irdand 43 C98 ku Russia 45 228 km Finland Azcı baijan goographical Latvia 207 CC km 41 S2G km orgia 30 528 km Poland 357 021 km area in syucrc kik metres Switzorland an octucl roldtive ske 92 345 km 2 5BG km Maccdonia 25 713 km 93 C30 kg Icoland Malta 3IG km UKrainc Russia Ci kn 33 840 km s8 3G1 ku

Areas of Europe

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The unifying umbrella of the European identity conceals the European continent – continent every inch as different as any other. Plenty of nations, desperately trying not to step on each other’s t...




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