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American Density: How Spread Out Are We?

THE USA, AS ONE-BIG-NEIGHBORHOOD There are about 300,000,000 of us in the USA, spread out over 3.794.101 sq miles Pennsylvania? In other words if we wanted to we Texas? could all move into and live in an (44,817sq miles) area the size of New Hampshire; the 5th smallest US state (8,968 sq miles) with extra room for more parks. (because Brooklyn could use more) Brooklyn, NY 2,500,000 people in 70.61 sq mi Using the density| What state of Brooklyn, NY as an example: (261,797sq miles) But let's say we And if the area were square, it all wanted to would we would be about 100 miles wide. live in 1 state all fit into? You could ride a bike to the other together, comfortably. side of the "country" in a day. Our "green belt" would be the rest of the USA. Not only would we all have at about 35,000 Florida? people to a (53,927sq miles) square mile.. access to mass transit and live in spaces with small footprints, the need for Air travel would be greatly reduced. You'd only fly when leaving the country. WE'D ALL BE NEIGHBORS. The answer: New Hampshire! 8.968sq miles (about ΒΌ of 1% of the USA) Sate sizes are proportional, New Hampshire is really that small compared to Texas. Data from Wikipedia, Land areas exclude water, population figures have been rounded. California? (155,959sq miles)

American Density: How Spread Out Are We?

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Currently, there are about 300 million people in the U.S. The size of the country itself is over three million square miles. Does this seem odd to you? There is in fact a lot of wide open space in thi...


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