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7 Billion People

60% As The fastest growing country in the world is Qatar with 514 new inhabitants daly. Moldova, on the other hand, is on its way to extinction with a growth rate of -0.002. The UN warns that i the growth of the world's population continues in this upward trend, by the year 2030 we wil require the equivalent of two Earths to support us. man billion people 3.53 billion The largest and most populated continent with 60% of total population Women and still growing - 14% 3.47 From the point of creation of man, k took until 1804AD. for the population of Earth to reach the first billion Ac- cording to UN informalion, just last year, 207 years later, the number has exceeded seven billion. It is a world of Tokyo billion Africa World's most populous city 11% 3.43 great differences where many don't have the same liv- ing conditions. Ih Japan one can live to be 827 years old while in the Central African Republic one can live to be only 459 years old. 37.7M billion of total population Europe are today in rural areas World population 8% 3.57 pyramid billion of total population are today in cities and towns Billionaires North America 6% South America 6 billion The wealthy people are feeding the top of the pyramid (around 10 9.3 0.5% Every hour Australia there are: billion million of The middle man (2050) billionaires) 6,418 deaths (201) 15,347 billion The majority of the world's hard working suffering population TOP10 births Chronological World population growth Countries with the largest total population (in million) 500 million |(500) 2 1 billion starving people (50,000 people dying per day of starvation) SOURCES wkipedaorg.UN Popution Division (Word PopAon and Urbanisation prospects 2009-200). oneamor 1500 1525 1550 1575 1600 1625 1650 1675 1700 T725 1750 1775 1800 1825 1850 1875 1900 1925 1950 1975 2000 2025 2050 014 Infographic Infographic 015 %24 FOGRAPHIC DESIGN BORS BENKO

7 Billion People

shared by borisbenko on Mar 07
A two page spread infographic designed for upcoming '80Days' travel & hedonism Magazine Project


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