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50 Loneliest Islands

Inspired by Judith Schalansky's Atlas of Remote Islands, this map features the fifty The purpose of this map is not to show the accurate The least lonely island is Christmas Island in the ARCTIC OCEAN Indian ocean. geographical positions of these loneliest islands on Earth. With 1,402 inhabitants, islands. It does not show the it is certainly not the highest of the fifty in this aspect. Christmas Island scored highly because it is only 350km away from Java, an island holding 60% of the Indonesian population. The loneliest of all is the islands remoteness in the uninhabited Taongi Atoll, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, geographical aspect, rather the remoteness in other a mere 3.2km? of land area. aspects that render a place lonely. s infograph ranks the loneliness of each island by This Scoring the number of inhabitants, the overall land area of the island, and its proximaty to Starting from the center smallest circle, is the least lonely island. There are fifty circles each encompassing one island. As the circles grow in diameter, the islands are increasingly lonely. other land (and the population of this closest land). Each factor ranks from one to fifty, where the scores of these three aspects The chart is divided into five sections - one of each ocean - the islands are mapped according to are cumulated to calculate the final score. their location in relation to either the Equator (North to South) or the Prime Meridien (East to West). RUDOLF ISLAND RUSSIA UNINHABITED PACIFIC OCEAN LONELY ISLAND RUSSIA UNINHABITED TAONGI ATOLL MARSHALL ISLANDS UNINHABITED EQUATOR CLIPPERTON ATOLL PRANCE UNINHABITED HOWLAND ISLAND UNITED STATES UNINHABITED 2500 km cocoS ISLAND COSTA RICA UNINHABITED PINGELAP MICRONÉSIA 250 INHABITANTS ATLANTIC OCEAN PAGAN 8460 km MARIANA ISLANDS, US FANGATAUFA UNINHABITED TUAMOTO ARCHIPELAGO SEMISOPCHNOI RAT ISLANDS, UNITED STATES UNINHÁBITED UNINHABITED 1750km sT GEORGE ISLAND 1280km I- ISSOkm UNITED STATES 1550k 128 INHABITANTS IWO JIMA JAPAN 370 INHABITANTS PITĆALRN ISLAND ÚNITED KINGDOM • 48 INHABITANTS 3140km ST KILDA RIOkm UNITED KINGDOM UNINHABITED ATLASOV ISLAND RUSSIA PUKAPUKA COOK ISLANDS 600 INHABITANTS ANTIPODES ISLAND NEW ZEALAND SOCORRO ISLAND UNINHABITED UNINHABITED MEXICO 250 INHÁBITANTS TAKUU PAPUA NEW GUINEA 560 INHABITANTS 2370km RAOUL ISLAND NEW ZEALAND 10 INHABITANTS BANABA 2680km 2160km KIRIBATI 2070km 710km 301 INHABITANTS 1370km BEAR ISLAND NORWAY 9 INHÁBITANTS RAPA ITI FRENCH POŁYNESIA 482 INHABITANTS CAMPBELL ISŁAND NEW ZEALAND UNINHABITED NAPUKA FRENCH POLYNESIA 277 INHABITANTS 4940km ROBINSON CRUSOE TIKOPIA SOLOMON ISLANDS 1200 INHABITANTS- CHILE.-- 633 INHABITANTS eSokm 2970km NORFOLK ISLAND AUSTRALIA ----* 2,128 INHABITANTS FLOREANA ÉCUADOR 100 INHABITANTS 3770km EASTER ISLAND CHILE - 3,791 INHABITANTS MACQUARIE ISLAND AUSTRAILIA ANNOBÓN EQUATORIAL GUINEA 5,008 INHABITANTS ASCENSION ISLAND 20-40 INHABITANTS CHRISTMAS ISLAND -AUSTRALIA L.402 INHABITANTS UNITED KINGDOM 1,100-INHABITANTS 2760km 2010km STHELENA UNITED KINGDOM. 4,255 INHABITANTS BRAVA CAPE VERDE IŞLANDS 6604 ĮNHABITANTS 2540km -2110km DIEGO GARCIA UNITED KINGDOM 2,700 INHABITANTS SOUTH KEELING ISLANDS TRINDADE BRAZİL 32 INHABITANTS AUSTRALIA 596 INHABITANTS 4120km $580km POSSESSIÓN ISLAND CROZET ISIẠNDS, FRANCE 26-45 INHABITANTS AMSTERDAM ISLAND FRANCE TRISTAN DA CUNHA 25 INHABITANTS TROMELIN SCATTERED ISLANDS, FRANCE 4 INHABITANTS UNITED KINGDOM 264 INHABITANTS 3460km 2260 km 90km 1910km ST PAUL ISLAND FRANCE UNINHABITED BOUVET ISLAND NORWAY UNINHABITED SOUTHERN THULE SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS, UK UNINHABITED LAURIE ISLAND SOUTH ORKNEY ISLANDS, ANTARCTICA 14-45 INHABITANTS 960km DECEPTION ISLAND ANTARCTICA. UNINHABITED +1490km PETER I ISLAND ANTARCTICA UNINHABITED KEY INDIAN OCEAN 3040 km P22.51 45E NAME OF ISLAND COUNTRY NUMBER OF INHA BITANTS FRANKLIN ISLAND ANTARCTICA 90S/ I0E UNINHABITED LES LONELY RANK OF LONELINESS HORE LONY DISTANCE TO CLOSEST LAND 50 LONELIEST (TO SCALD 10km ANTARCTIC OCEAN ISLANDS IN THE WORLD 4340km DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO ISLANDS (NOT TO SCALn 650km 2500km

50 Loneliest Islands

shared by kanny.yeung on Sep 08
Inspired by Judith Schalansky's 'Atlas of Remote Islands', this visualization transforms narrative text and geographical data into an emotive poster. How do you visualize 'loneliness'? Through the alg...



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