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Zynga's Dream Heights Ready to Build Tiny Towers on App Store

Dear, protected, do not copy! zynga (all 2,789 of you!) Dreame We notcied you are about to launch a new iPhone game called Dream TINY TOWER Heights! Congratulations! STEP 10 OF 21 TAKE RIDER TO ZND FLOOR We wanted to thank all you guys for such big fans BUILD FLOOR 1350 NEW FLOOR 100 METERS being of our iPhone STORAGE APTS. ZYNGA LOFTrs LOBBY I want to move into the apartment on floor 2 LOBBY game of the year PRESS AND HOLD Tim Tower! MENU STEP 13 OF 21 GARDEN NEW FLOOR HURRY CONSTRUCTION O200 STELLA FRAZIER DREAM JOB: MAPPLE STORE Now your store can stock goods! 03 METERS CONSTRUCTION 59M HOME: FLOOR 2 © 55S B-DAY: OCT 31 03 FOOD SED GLENDA BOFFIN 03 STORAGE APTS. SERVICE HOME: Zynga Lofts(2F) RECREATION : 2 RETAIL WORKS AT: Garden(3F) ZYNGA SPECIALTY: Game Parlor This store is under CREATIVE construction. Tap to build it immediately. CRAFT 3 ... EMPLOYED AT: SUSHI BAR 02 RETAIL 1 LOBBY CUISINE 3 ... SERVICE 3 LOBBY FUN 5 ..... DRESS UP JOB EVICT O 100 MENU •5136 NB200 COMMERCIAL LIFT Get a faster elevator! Good luck with FASTER your game, we are looking forward to inspiring you with Our future SPEED: 8 PPM ZIPPY ELEVvG "OR A faster elevator - 25 YE OLDE ELEVATOR Slow and steady games! UPGRADE! Ox3 UPGRADE 1,650 •5136 NEW FLOOR 土 130 VIDEO RENTAL 200 VIDEO RENTAL METERS CK! LVL 10 (UPGRADE) SUSHI BAR GARPEN Casettes SELLING 00:19:15 MOVIE RENTAL O STORAGE APTS. • 327 26% OFF sells for x1 Sell Now ZYNGA LOFTS O49M QTY: 735 X2 200 DVDS NEW RELEASE ol IN STOCK: 1,795 CK! sells for RESTOCK 3 TO SELL OR GIFT TI O 400 LOBBY LOBBY CONSOLE RENTAL O 500 O 1H, 15M TV Series STOCKING 00:39:23 26% OFF QTY: 1125 sells for x1 Stock Now CK! O 800 DELETE MOVE PAINT 5,001 MENU 1,650 614 474 D 138 1,014 *1 CHOOSE A MISSION AVAILABLE (17) COMPLETE Co) Sincerely, Call 3 of us) Collections ONE MAD TEA PARTY 1500 2,800 10 Sunday Brunch TRADE IN COMIC CONVENTION 10 2,500 2,000 3,000 Waffle Burrito Supreme Yogurt AWARD NIGHT Time Travel 55400 K450 TRADE IN THE DUDE ABIDES 1350 2,500 3,000 ONE BIG SCORE H9,000 ' 4 500 MIMBLEBIT 18 Clock Space Suit Caveman Witchcraft! BITHOVEN'S SYMPHONY TRADE IN 6 2,700 O 1,000 PROM NIGHT 3,000 * 1125 4 500 Tarot Card Almond Tiki A BIT FISHY 1125 1350. •5,010 1,650

Zynga's Dream Heights Ready to Build Tiny Towers on App Store

shared by youcom on Mar 26
There's been plenty of controversy regarding the visual similarities between NimbleBit's popular Tiny Tower and Zynga's Dream Heights, but now the public can check out the full monty. Zynga announced ...




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