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Winning Rock Paper Scissors Every Time

Q: HOW DO I WIN ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS E EVERÝ TIME? A: Many believe Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) is simply a game of chance and luck. However, like chess or Super Mario Kart, RPS is a game of strategy, observation and intelligence. Here are eight easy steps to winning every time. HISTORY The earliest form of Rock, Paper, Scissors was seen in 18th century Japan, called Jan-ken-pon. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS The World Rock Paper Scissors Society sanctions yearly world championship competitions. PREVIOUS WINNERS: 2009 2008 2007 2006 TIM CONRAD MONICAL MARTINEZ O ANDREA FARINA BOB COOPER STRATEGY SCISSORS ROCK PAPER YOU YOUR OPPONENT 2 -TWISTED SCISSOR: Experienced RPS throwers will play on your naivety and throw paper, hoping you throw rock. Čounter with scissors. ROCK-IT: Males have the tendency to produce rock on their first throw. If you are playing against one, trying using paper. vs. vs. 4 -DOUBLE ON THE ROCKS: When you see a two-Rock run, you know your opponents next move will be Scissors or Paper. People hate being predictable and a firm indica- tion of predictability is to come out with the same throw three times in row. Counter with Rock. 3 -COPYCAT: Inexperienced (or flustered) RPS players will often subconsciously deliver the form that beat their last throw. Counter with the opposite. ROUND 1 vs. ROUND 2 vs. 5 -FINGER FINDINGS: As your opponent prepares to throw, watch his fingers carefully. Fingers will move or tense depending on the form they are about to throw. PAPER PLEASE:- Paper is thrown the least in a match. Use it as an unexpected option. Paper is thrown 29.6% of the time. All fingers are tense Rock is thrown 35.4% of the time. All fingers are loose Scissors are thrown 35% of the time. Only the top two fingers are loose 7PREP WORK:- Watch your future opponent play others. Do they have a favorite form? Do they maintain a consistent throwing pattern? Counter accordingly. -SPOCK & ROLL: When in doubt, and all seems lost, go for the Spock. It is unexpected and highly illegal, but also impossible to counter. DEFEATED BY: Sources: World RPS Society

Winning Rock Paper Scissors Every Time

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To some, it is a simple game used to pass the time or to settle unimportant scuffles when split down the middle. To other, Rock Paper Scissors is life. The World Rock Paper Scissors Society holds a ye...




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