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Which Kanto Pokemon Starter is Right for you?

I CHOOSE YOU! WHICH KANTO STARTER POKÉMON IS RIGHT FOR YOU? When first starting your Pokémon journey, choosing the right starter Pokémon makes all the difference. What direction will you choose, grass, water, or fire? BULBASAUR #001 CHARMANDER #004 SQUIRTLE #007 Seed Pokémon • 2'04" • 15.2lbs Lizard Pokémon • 2'00" • 18.7lbs Tiny Turtle Pokémon • 1'08" • 19.8lbs A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts Obviously prefers hot places. After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth. When it rains, steam is said to and grows with this Pokémon. spout from the tip of its tail. EVOLUTION BULBASAUR CHARMANDER SQUIRTLE IVYSAUR CHARMELEON WARTORTLE Level 16 Level 16 Level 16 VENASAUR CHARIZARD BLASTOISE Level 32 Level 36 Level 36 STATISTICS 65 65 60 65 64 65 52 48 49 43 50 50 BASE STATS 49 45 44 45 43 li 39 TOTALS: BULBASAUR: 318 CHARMANDER: 309 SQUIRTLE: 314 SPECIAL ATTACK SPECIAL DEFENSE НР ATTACK DEFENSE SPEED NORMAL ТҮРE EFFECTIVENESS FIRE GRASS ICE FIGHTING WATER ELECTRIC NORMAL BY (x1) FLYING ROCK POISON WEAK TO (x2) GHOST GROUND PSYCHIC DRAGON RESISTANT TO (x1) BUG LEARNSET LEVEL MOVE TYPE POWER ACCURACY Start Tackle Normal 35 95% Start Growl Normal 100% Leech Seed Grass 90% 13 Vine Whip Grass 35 100% 20 Poison Powder Poison 75% 27 Razor Leaf Grass 55 95% 34 Growth Normal MOST POWERFUL ATTACK 41 Sleep Powder Grass 75% SOLARBEAM: POWER: 12O, ACCURACY: 100% 48 Solar Beam Grass 120 100% LEVEL MOVE TYPE POWER ACCURACY Start Scratch Normal 40 100% Start Growl Normal 100% Ember Fire 40 100% 15 Leer Normal 100% 22 Rage Normal 20 100% 30 Slash Normal 70 100% MOST POWERFUL ATTACK 38 Flame Thrower Fire 95 100% FLAMETHROWER (LEARNED): POWER: 95, ACCURACY: 100% 46 Fire Spin Fire 15 70% FIRE BLAST (BY TM): POWER: 120, ACCURACY: 100% LEVEL MOVE TYPE POWER ACCURACY Start Tackle Normal 35 95% Start Tail Whip Normal 100% 8 Bubble Water 20 100% 15 Water Gun Water 40 100% Bite Normal 60 100% 28 Withdraw Water MOST POWERFUL ATTACK 35 Skull Bash Normal 100 100% HYDRO PUMP (LEARNED): POWER: 12O, ACCURACY: 80% 42 Hydro Pump Water 120 80% BLIZZARD (BY TM): POWER: 120, ACCURACY: 90% GYM LEADER ADVANTAGES BROCK MISTY LT. SURGE ERIKA KOGA SABRINA BLAINE GIOVANNI ATTACK DEFENSE THE ELITE FOUR LORELEI BRUNO AGATHA LANCE SO WHICH SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? Though Bulbasaur may be the easiest Pokémon to get through the first few gym leaders with, Ultimately the stats put Squirtle in the front-running for the best Pokémon in terms of game play. But let's be honest, you're going to replay this game over and over, why not try all three and see for yourself? CREATED BY ANGELA FIORETTI Sources:émon-debate-with-science/

Which Kanto Pokemon Starter is Right for you?

shared by blindfaithx on Jul 31
This infographic explains the difference between the three pokemon you can choose to start with in Pokemon blue, red and yellow. It covers the difference between Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander and...


Angela Fioretti


Angela Fioretti


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