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When Will We Get To Catch Em All?

GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL HUNTING RARE POKÉMON Pokédex The full Pokédex lineup includes Caught 78 Seen 80 151 FIRST GEN POKÉMON BUT CAN YOU REALLY CATCH 'EM ALL? MOST POKÉMON TRAINERS ONLY HAVE ACCESS TO 145 MONSTERS So where are the other 6 hiding? POKÉMON ARE PLAYING HARD TO GET UNCATCHABLE and not so legendary LEGENDARY POKÉMON ARTICUNO ZAPDOS MOLTRES MEWTWO MEW DITTO Speculation suggests that in the future we may unlock these legendaries THROUGH PUBLIC EVENTS RATHER THAN RANDOM ENCOUNTERS REGION EXCLUSIVES COULD HATCHING THE RIGHT EGG GRANT YOU A SURPRISE POKÉMON? EUROPE ASIA NORTH AMERICA FARFETCH'D TAUROS MR. MIME The verdict is still out if you must be located in a region to hatch these exclusive and elusive creatures KANGASKHAN AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND 5 km egg 10 km egg POKÉMON GO PLAYERS UNITE TO SETTLE THE DEBATE *According to poll by Reddit TRAINERS WERE ASKED TO REPORT ON EGGS user CSULBPaintsniffer of THEY'D HATCHED VS. EGGS THEY'D HATCHED The Silph Road Community FROM OUTSIDE THEIR OWN CONTINENT After 10 hours, 140k+ Pokémon trainers' polled REPORTED ODDS OF HATCHING A REGION-LOCKED EGG TO BE 140,507 to O With odds that slim-the lottery may be your best bet if you hatch a region-exclusive creature! THE SCIENCE AND ODDS BEHIND CATCHING EM ALL BASE CAPTURE RATE- BREAKDOWN FORMULA CAPTURE RATE LIKELIHOOD THAT A REGULAR POKÉBALL WILL CATCH A POKÉMON VWITHOUT Base Capture Rate ANY EXTRA HELP 0.50 DIVIDED BY Combat Power Multiplier (CPM) based on a Pokemon's level BASE CAPTURE RATE RESULTS EASIEST HARDEST TO CAPTURE TO CAPTURE Pidgey Weedle Caterpie Rattata Magikarp Oddish Dragonite | Venusaur Blastoise Charizard - 56% – 48% – 40% 4% Don't worry-these capture rates remain constant even as the game is patched! TIME TO TARGET YOUR POKÉMON RANGE OF RING COLOR DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY DIFFICULTY LOW LOW-MEDIUM INTERMEDIATE INSANELY HARD CAPTURE THE THROW FROM THE FOLLOW THE SHRINKING CIRCLE POKÉMON'S SHADOW -TOP OF THE SCREEN- INSTEAD OF THE BOTTOM Long press your Pokéball Some trainers say this gives WITH AR* MODE ON you more control follow a creature's shadow to contract the colored circle to its smallest diameter for the greatest to gauge your throw's chance of catching your target distance Many things are at play as you tackle capturing your prey, but the "Augmented Reality Mode specifics on multiplier rates for all items are yet to be determined WHAT ELSE IS AFFECTING YOUR POKÉMON CATCH RATE? LEVEL CP99 SPECIES x 1.5 RAZZ BERRIES Razz Berries make Pokemon TYPE easier to catch x ? CURVEBALL Unknown affect on the catch, but does increase xp received for catch Charizard x1 NICE THROW x 1.3 GREAT THROW x 1.5 EXCELLENT THROW Fire / Flying 81.92 kg 1.05 Type Weight Increases the xp as well as probability of catching according to how close you get to [33080 O 17 STARDUST CHARMANDER CANE center of the circle HIGHEST CAPTURE RATE |200 Great! POWER UP Ember Fire hrower PokeBall Great Ball Ultra Ball DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO CATCH 'EM ALL? Casno shortlist DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

When Will We Get To Catch Em All?

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The most rare Pokemon monsters seem to still be hiding, but where? And when will they make an appearance?




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