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What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You

WHAT YOUR FAVORITE CASINO GAME SAYS ABOUT YOU! EVERYONE HAS THEIR GAME OF CHOICE-WHAT DOES YOUR FAVORITE GAME SAY ABOUT YOU? BROUGHT TO YOU BY BINGOVEGA.COM POKER THINKER. COMPETITIVE. EXTROVERTED. You're outgoing, aggressive, and love being in situations where you can showcase your strong analytical skills. Comfortable in social situations, you don't shy away from doing whatever you need to attain the upper hand. ROULETTE LONE WOLF. 6 COMPULSIVE. INTROVERTED. 9. 10 11 You have an addictive personality that is often difficult to pull away from. You are rarely starved for social engagement and are more than happy to go about your day alone. You are somewhat superstitious, and dislike like high-pressure situations. 12 13 14 BLACKJACK LUCKY. RISK TAKER. EXTROVERTED. Luck just seems to follow you everywhere. Similar to your Poker friends, you enjoying creating strategies and mentally crunching numbers. You have an eye for drama, and constantly live on the edge-it's double or nothing for you. CRAPS TRADITIONAL. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY. EXTROVERTED. What's the point of a night out without people by your side? With a soft spot for the classics and a friendly personality, you love meeting and interacting with people. You love a good show, especially when you're the star. SLOT MACHINES RELAXED. FUN-LOVING. INTROVERTED. You have the most fun when you're unhurried and laid-back. You avoid hefty risks, and dislike competition and drama. You prefer to rely on your judgment and intuition over cumbersome analytical thinking. You seek adventure and excitement, but still enjoy being by yourself. BINGO FRIENDLY, BINGO O|||| 0000 TRUSTWORTHY. EXTROVERTED. You are kindhearted, and value fairness and equality. You seek excitement, and love passing the time with friends old and new alike. You are optimistic, alert, and believe that something fun is just around the corner. HAPPY GAMING! SOURCES: HTTP://www.CASINOTESTREPORTS.COM/CASINO-INFORMATION/CASINO-GAMES-PERSONALITY/ HTTP://www.AMERICANCASINOGUIDE.COM/CASINO-COMPS/ARE-YOU-PLAYING-THE-RIGHT-CASINO-GAME-FOR-YOUR-PERSONALITY-TYPE.HTML HTTP://TAMBURIN.CASINOCITYTIMES.COM/ARTICLE/MATCHING-GAMES-TO-PERSONALITY-TYPES-61559

What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You

shared by karenmiranda on Jan 15
What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You. Find out what your favorite Vegas game says about you and your friends' personalities.




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