What Came First, The Gamer Or The Game?

WHAT CAME FIRST, 22.5 MILLION THE GAMER OR THE GAME ? The second stop in the 2011 Major League Gaming (MLG) U.S. Pro Circuit in Columbus, Ohio shattered previous records delivering more than 22.5 million stream twitch views of the event on, which started as a spin-off of, has quickly become the most popular resource for video game live streams on the Internet To put that in perspective, that's nearly double the reported 11.4 million video streams consumed during the weekend of the 2011 NFL Draft TWITCH.TV HAS OVER 45 MILLION VIEWERS EVERY MONTH 10 Twitch reaches more viewers during prime time than MTV, TNT and AMC MILLION installations of Twitch's mobile application aMC TNT 1,000,000 Gaming Broadcasters MUSIC TELEVISION Hosts Over 75k ID.DESEO 0.5 1.0 "Twitch Plays Pokemon" is a Pokemon POKEMON TWITCH Red mod that allowed Twitch viewers 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 PLAYS to control the game's main character Red by entering commands in the streaming platform's chat window 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 concurrent views after 5 days 120k active viewer peak 35 total views in the last MILLION 2.5 weeks 50k active viewer amounts 650,000 estimated total user participation Top six most played games on GAMER & GAMES LEAGUE LEGENDS POKÉMON DOTA 2" * $ 4 5 4, 5 4 5 Income of Johnathan "Fatalilty" Wendel, the highest paid professional gamer in the United States STARRAFT HERES COUNTERKSTRIKE OF THE STORM The second highest earner, Lee "Flash" Young Ho of South Korea, who was x 6S27 CSDS GS12 amassed $437,114.53 primarily through Starcraft 2 tournaments GS42 Of the $437,114.53 that Lee "Flash" Young Ho has made, $407,228.05 came from a single tournament win. That is roughly 93% of his total income from eSports overall $ 4 37, 114.53 Over 60 gamers have earned over $100,000 in prize money In a list of the top 100000 100 paid gamers 97500 95000 the salary at the 10 Twitch viewers and broadcasters came together to raise over 92500 bottom of the list ranges from $10 million for charity over the past two years through 90000 $85,000 to 87500 MILLION marathon events such as Desert Bus for Hope and Extra Life. $100,00 SOURCES 14 uers-elite-four-beating-game-after-390-hours competitors-make.htm aming-statistics-2013/ -rufail-explains-why-pro-gaming-is-attracting-mainstream-advertisers/ TOP 10 CLOUD STORAGE

What Came First, The Gamer Or The Game?

shared by RonCloudnyne on Mar 31
Delve into the world of video games, where we explore statistics, professional gaming salary of crowd favorites Jonathan " Fatl1ty " Wendel and Lee " Flash " Young Ho, and more!


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