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Uncovering the Secrets of Megashark

UNCOVERING THE SECRETS OF MEGA SHARK DEATH IN THE SKIES A key weapon in Mega Shark's arsenal is its air attack. This skill is witnessed in Mega Shark vs. Giant octopus, where Mega Shark successfully takes down a plane cruising at cloud level. Let's take a closer look at how this majestic, yet deadly creature would seemingly defy physics to complete such a feat. A ktakes around 20 seconds for Mega Sharkte reach the plane. t must then disable the plane and bring ik down in a deadly descent. 159OM SIZING IT UP Based on rough estimates, Mega Shark is twice the size of Megalodon, a prehistoric shark that ruled the seas during the Oligocene epoch and Neogene periods. O Wehin approximately seconds Mega Shark has already traveled over tim into the air 1000M BURJ DUBAI 828M CN TOWER 553M MEGA SHARK MEGALĂ“DON GREAT WHITE 40M 19M 103t 6M 7t 240t A Mega Shark breaks the surface at alaunch speed of 7092 kmh. YACHT ZM I Mega Shark int spies the plane when it is about 10 horiaontaly y from the lanch point COLLATERAL DAMAGE With the extreme acceleration required, relatively smaller marine objects would be hauled to the surface in Mega Shark's wake. A NEED FOR SPEED 2 Mega Shark descends to a depth of at least 1500m to make aah ascent To attack an aircraft 2000m above sea level, Mega Shark needs to gather a launch speed of 709.2 KM/H COMPARE THAT TO OTHER FAST STUFF: BULLET TRAIN 443 KM/H + TOMAHAWK MISSILE 880 KM/H 1 Aa minimum depth of 1500m Mega Shark mt then accelerate rpidly to reach its breaching target speed OSTEPHEN TAMAN 20

Uncovering the Secrets of Megashark

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This infographic explains what mega shark is and provides information about and it's attack on planes.


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