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Ultimate Guide to Blackjack

casino Proudly Presents THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BLACKJACK TERMS AND HAND SIGNALS GAME TYPES There are two main game types in Blackjack - Face Up and Face Down: FACE UP DOWN All of the cards used in the game are turned face down so no player can see their value All players can see the card and value throughout the duration of the game HAND SIGNALS FACE UP GAMES Ever wondered what all the tapping and waving at the Blackjack table means? Here's what you need to know: HIT STAND A hit is signalled by a player When a player wants to tapping on the table, or pointing at their cards. A hit is when a player wants another card from the dealer stand they wave their hand over their cards. This indicates that they don't want any more cards dealt HAND SIGNALS FACE DOWN GAMES If you find yourself playing a Face Down game you'll need a slightly different set of hand signals: HIT STAND A hit is signalled by a To stand players simply slide their cards under player scraping or sliding their cards back and forth their existing bet (usually in chips) against the table WHY USE HAND SIGNALS IN BLACKJACK? Hand signals are used in Blackjack for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they help avoid misinterpretation; if there are a lot of players in the game, it can be tough to keep track of who said what. Secondly, and most importantly, it helps casino surveillance teams keep track of players' movements. GLOSSARY If you play Blackjack regularly then you'll no doubt hear a lot of different terms being used throughout the game. Here's a guide to some of the most common terms: BANKER The Banker is the person TO NAVIGATE THE TABLE in charge of the betting and money. They will collect the house winnings and pay players when they win ANCHOR 1ST BASE This is the seat to the right of the dealer, and is usually the last seat taken. So if Like the term 'Anchor', this refers to a seat. First base is the first seat a player sits in on the dealer's left, and the first player to get a card there are three seats, the last on the right is the anchor SHOE UPCARD The Shoe is a box used This is a card that is face up on the table and is often the dealer's first card, so by the dealer. It holds all the cards and decks that will be used for the coming that players can see their options for betting games PUSH This is a tie in which both the dealer and the player have the same total points. The player doesn't lose their bet or gain any winnings FOR YOUR HAND PAT STIFF This is a hand with at least A Stiff hand is one where 17 points, in other words you have not over stepped the points total needed to win the game you don't have much of a winning option. You don't have enough points to win, but could bust if you hit CARD MOVEMENTS DEAL DISCARD To discard a card means To deal means to hand the cards to the players at the Blackjack table to remove it from the deck and from the game. These cards are placed in the discard tray DOUBLE BREAK To double, or 'double down' Break, also referred to as 2nd Bet as it's commonly called, means to place a second bet on the table based on the cards you have in your hand "bust', is the term used for players whose hand exceeds 21 FACE CUT This term is used to This is a term that refers K to shuffling. In this method the dealer splits the deck and places the cards back together describe one of the four kings, queens or kings, which are commonly called 'Face Cards' INSURE SHUFFLE You can insure your bet if A common term that is not specific to Blackjack. It refers to the process of mixing the cards up in a random fashion K the dealer has an Ace card face up. It's a secondary bet in which you bet on the dealer getting 21 SPLIT BURN Burn means to discard, and When you have a pair such as two fives you can split the cards to have two hands. A new wager must be placed in order to play the new hand usually refers to cards that are removed from the deck during play and discarded. YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR SPOOK SHINER A spook is a cheat that stands behind the dealer A device used to cheat by trying to see what the trying to peek at their hole card. They will then transmit this information to a player dealers' hole card is. Most commonly this will be a mirror of some sort FOR MORE BLACKJACK INFO DOWNLOAD CASINO UK'S FREE BLACKJACK EBOOK: BLACKJACK: FROM START TO STRATEGY Sources: | | | | | | | casino K

Ultimate Guide to Blackjack

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The ultimate guide to blackjack shows terms and hand signals you need to know to play blackjack.


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