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The Timeline of Online Gambling 1994-2020

MAPLESLOT TOP CASINO REVIE WS The Timeline of Online Gambling There's been many changes and events in this industry which begins counting its days and years in 1994. In this chronological timeline, you'll be able to find some of the most major events that shaped and made the online gambling market what it is today. Microgaming & Cryptologic launch the first online casino 19 94 This is the year that the first online casino software is launched by Microgaming. This provider joined forces with Cryptologic, an online security software company. Together they created the famous InterCasino - the first online casino ever. 19 96 19 98 The Birth of Internet Poker & Progressive Jackpots With the passing of time and rise of the internet era, year 1998 saw the very first internet poker site with Planet Poker. Not just that, but progressive jackpots started hitting the industry hard and gaining immense popularity. More than 700 online casino sites and revenue that tops 19 99 $1 BILLION Just a few years after the first online casino was launched, the internet saw over 700 newly published sites. Player popularity started growing at exponential speed and brands started seeing sky-scraping revenues, topping a whooping 1 billion. 20 03 Live dealer games are introduced by Playtech One of the biggest software developers on the market takes a major leap in the industry by introducing live dealer games. Gamblers can now use video-streaming and be face to face with live dealers. Mobile casinos kick off through the Microgamíng & Spin3 partnership 20 05 With mobiles starting to gain more and more popularity, so did mobile games. Microgaming took the lead again and partnered up with Spin3 (a mobile platform) to provide mobile casino games for entertainment purposes. 20 06 There are more than 2,300 online casinos operating worldwide The growth of the online casino industry in just 10 years time is shocking - by 2006 there are more than 2,300 brands live, with player density still increasing at exponential speeds. Despite the economic crash, millions are won at progressive jackpots 20 09 This year was a tough one for many industries, but not so much for the online gambling one. Millions were won at some of the biggest brands in the industry and game popularity continues increasing. 20 13 The biggest online casinos now make mobile & tablet applications The smartphone explosion that started a little while back completely changed the online casino industry. The biggest online casinos now all started providing mobile adaptations to their sites and applications available on smartphones & tablets. After a few years on the market, bitcoin reaches an all time high 20 17 Another big entry to the market was bitcoin. Although present since 2014, it took this cryptocurrency 3 years to reach an all time high. Following the growth, many brands started supporting it as a payment method. To top things off, some casinos started to run themselves as “bitcoin casinos". 20 20 Pandemic outbreaks, forcing limits on gambling in some countries Year 2020 brought the covid-19 pandemic over the whole world, and many industries along with the online casino one were affected. Some countries, such as Spain, started imposing deposit limits and other measures to ensure the protection of citizens. ON

The Timeline of Online Gambling 1994-2020

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When compared to the traditional casino industry, the online gambling one is a relatively new one. With its start dating back to 1994, it underwent many events that shaped it and made it into what it ...


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