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Stormwind Keep: How Much is the Last Bastion of Humanity Worth?

STORMWIND how much is the last bastion of humanity worth? Stormurind keep Stormwind Keep. located in the city of Stormwind, is humanity's last great castle from the MMO World of Warcraft. IF King Varian Wrynn ever sold it (to the Horde? Hah!), how much would it be worth? Let's first talk about what actually makes up Stormwind Keep. King Varian Wrynn, ruler of Storm- wind & lover of huge shoulder pads. What is inside STORMWIND KEEP? While it may be the "greatest" human. castle remaining, there's actually not much to Stormwind Keep. Here's what comes with the castle: Courtyard, Main Hallway, Petitioner's Chamber, Throne Room, War Room, Garden, Guard TowerS (inaccessible in-game), and Library What does that make IT WORTH? To come up with a price tag for the Alliance's only human castle, three things are needed: Sqft Location 25 Man Hogger Raid Group & Price/Sqft SOFT: Using a human male hunter as a basis for size-comparison, we determined the scale using a muscular man's shoulder width of 21 inches. We also used a grid overlaid on top of a bird's eye view of the Keep for length and width sizes. Total floorspace*: 47,219 SOFT *These calculations are based on the available explorable areas of Stormwind Keep in-game. That's means. only one floor. LOCATION: Where is the real-world equivalent to Stormwind? The answer is Wales. More specifically, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales, on the Western coast of Great Britain. Stormwind Keep's Real-Life Equivalent: CAERNARFON CASTLE Photo: Herbert Ortner PRICE/SOFT: After getting the sale prices of a few homes (sadly, no castles were on sale at the time) and using math to determine an average price per square foot, we determined Stormwind's price/sqft. Stormwind Keep's $/Sqft: $218/SOFT or in Wow-gold that's approximately 161,481 g'. GETTING THE VALUE: Now with the price/sqft and sqft value determined, all that is left is to multiply the two numbers together to get the value of Stormwind Keep. Please note this value does not take into consideration sentimental value or that Stormwind itself is the biggest hub for the Alliance. Stormwind Keep's Value: $10,293,472| or in Wow-gold that's approximately 7.6 billion g'. A designed by MOVOTO Negan Radich According to current wow gold exchange rates. We do not support the purchase of gold, however.

Stormwind Keep: How Much is the Last Bastion of Humanity Worth?

shared by meganradich on Jun 05
Stormwind Keep. Many an orc has raided its halls in search of King Varian Wrynn and that wonderful PVP mount. So just how much is humanity's last great castle worth?




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