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The Social Evolution of Gaming

THE SOCIAL EVOLUTION OF GAMING Before the days of in-home and portable gaming, arcades were the place to be. Playing video games was a social experience shared among friends. Over time, the video game has evolved, using new technologies to create a unique social and communal experience. We examine how it happened in this infographic, brought to you by Rounds. WELCOME TO THE MUSEUM OF GAMING! GAMING BOOM Gaming has evolved to utilize new technologies. As the industry has transformed, it's grown to include a greater audience, larger market, and more diverse formats. Worldwide Gamers The growing popularity of games on mobile devices and social networks has prompted a surge in the number of gamers worldwide. 1-1.2 billion gamers globally 150-250 million gamers A DECADE AGO TODAY North American Market A growing audience of gamers creates big potential for the video game market. Projected growth, in billions (Includes console and PC game software and online and wireless games.) $15.3 $16.1 $17.0 $18.0 $19.2 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 What We're Playing Today's gamers have more options than ever to play and engage by themselves or together. US Gamers Per Platform by Share of Online Population Percent 53% 41% 24% MMOS (massivel multiplayer 34% Online Cosual Igame portals) Social Networks 56% PC/Mac Digital (direct downloads 38% PC/Mac Boxed (instolled from CD/DVDI 36% Consoles Mobile Devices Iphones, iPod, iPad) [includes handheld consoles) GAMING'S SOCIAL EVOLUTION With so much growth in video games, you'd expect millions of isolated, anti-social gamers worldwide. But the reality is quite contrary. As video game consoles, software, and platforms have evolved, so has the social nature of the experience. THE IN-HOME CONSUMER CONSOLE Solitary Home Gaming (single-player console-bosed games) Social Home Gaming (multiplayer console-based games) Solitary Portable Gaming (single-player portable device gaming) .................... ............. The 1972 Magnavox Odyssey and 1977 Atari 2600 brought the arcade gaming experience into consumers' homes. However, play was only single-player. Multiplayer athome goming took off with the popularity of the original Nintendo in 1985. Goming becomes a more social experience with multiplayer options. The introduction of Gameboy in 1989 took portable gaming to a new level. The device had mainly single-player offerings, creating a less social experience. TTT THE INTERNET AGE Social Online Gaming (multiplayer online-based games) Social Qnline Console Gaming (multiplayer console-based games connected online) .. *.....०.००० । १ । । । । । ..............,,,, The Playstation 2 debuted in 2000 and marked the rise in popularity of gaming over a high-speed Internet connection. People could now connect with other players without being in the same physical location. Social Competitive Portable Gaming (multiplayer portable device gaming) .................................**** ******************* DOOM's release in 1993 sparked the beginning of the networked gaming revolution. The game allowed users to The 2004 release of the Nintendo DS brought wireless technologies to the handheld gaming devices, making the once solitary platform more social and more easily multiplayer. connect several computers to a local network for cooperative play. DOOM Developments in Online Play WITH VOICE Gamers are able to communicate with other players through audio capture, speaking as if they were playing in the same location together. WITH VIDEO Gamers can see and hear their playing partners and respond to their facial expressions and movements as if they were sitting next to one another playing. PLAY ONLY Gamers find new players around the world to compete against in real-time on the gaming platform. Text communication can take place in the game. THE SOCIAL NETWORK REVOLUTION INTERACTIVE CONSOLE MAKEOVER Social Gaming on Social Networks (single and multiplayer online gaming) Wii (motion-determined console-based gaming) Kinect (motion-detected console-based gamingl ...... . ......................... ..........* ..................... With its debut in 2006, the Wii The Kinect for Xbox 360 debuted the The popularity of gaming on social networks has been brought interactive gaming to the next level. TV ads played up the social aspect of the console by showing a perspective from the TV, looking out at people having fun together. motion-detecting input platform in 2010. The platform relies on gestures and speech, mirroring reallife social experiences with a natural user interface to be played with friends. spurred by three qualities. ACCESSIBILITY Users already on the social network can easily access games through the site or through mobile apps on their phones. GAMING NETWORK Users have an already established network of friends with whom they can easily engage and play. SOCIAL CONNECTIONS Users have a streamlined way to share information about their gaming activities with friends through the supported platforms. TODAY'S SOCIAL GAMER The Social Gamer's Network Almost 60% of frequent gamers play with friends. 25% 33% play with siblings. play with spouses or parents. MOBILE SOCIAL GAMES CONSOLE-BASED ONLINE SOCIAL GAMES 26 million 2012 148 million By unique users play social games on mobile devices. households are expected to have a next-generation game console connected to the Internet. SOCIAL NETWORK GAMES ONLINE-BASED SOCIAL GAMES 100 million 11.1 million people play games on a players subscribed to the most popular MMO game, World of Warcraft, as of June 2011. social network. This infographic is brought to you by Rounds. Rounds takes social gaming to the next level by combining communication and entertainment and allowing you to interact with your friends. FUN. TOGETHER, NOW. SOURCES: MIT | PBS | NEW YORK TIMES | NEWZ00 | TIME | UGO.COM | USA TODAY | PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS | FLURRY | POPCAP GAMES

The Social Evolution of Gaming

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From the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972 to mobile phone game apps like Angry Birds, the transition from solitary nerd-dom to an outright party has been made in the last 40 or so years



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