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The Secret Science of Bluffing

The Secret Science of BLUFFING Bluffing is a form of deception that is common and essential in Poker as well as many everyday situations. The body unconsciously leaks gestural slips' (aka “Poker Tells") so if you know what you are looking for, you stand a better chance of calling your opponents bluff. Lie detection experts can spot deception a mile off and using our guide, you will be able too. BODY LANGUAGE · STATS AND FACTS of 700,000 250,000 face expressions Words different signals there are said to only be six that are universal: 7% ANGER 5,000 hand gestures SURPRISE 1,000 postures FEAR 38% Tone of Voice HAPINESS DISGUST 55% Body Language SADNESS 5 COMMON 'TELLS' IN EVERYDAY LIFE 01. 02. EYE CONTACT EXCESSIVE FIDDLING A liar won't look you in the eyes? This is a huge misconception - it's the opposite! A person lying wants to appear sincere but also look to see if you believe their lies. Playing with the poker chips, rotating an empty glass, twiddling a pen.. Known as 'adapters', unusual amounts of this behaviour suggests potential deception. 0з. 04. LOCKED ANKLES MOVING HANDS NEAR MOUTH OR SCRATCHING NOSE Even the best bluffers can forget to control their feet and so locked ankles are a great 'tell'. The hardest part is checking! Self-muting is actually a habit from childhood and is an attempt to prevent oneself from lying. OBSERVATION TIPS EMERGENCY EXIT AI GET A BASELINE! Being deceptive or just fidgety? It's important to observe fuctuations in behaviour otherwise what looks like a 'tell' might be someone's natural mannerisms. CHECK FOR 'CLUSTE RS'! Telling lies or an itchy nose? Always observe groups of tells' before making your move. Body language experts call these 'clusters'. 05. DIRECTIONALITY #1 BLUFFING RULE As a natural flght response, an uncomfortable person's body may be directed towards an exit. Check feet if you can, these are usually a giveaway! Weak Means Strong / Strong Means Weak WARNING! TRY THIS! Pros may 'reverse bluff' and fake their body language. Confuse your mates by reverse bluffing! KNOW YOUR BLUFFS! BLUFF POKER TELLS Deliberate attempts to confuse an opponent A player with a strong hand and failing to hide it STRONG HAND BLUFFS WEAK HAND BLUFFS Pros may 'reverse bluff' and fake their body language. Pros may 'reverse bluff and fake their body language. (...) DISAPPOINTED SIGH SPLASH DOWN If a player acts overly disappointed in the flop, it's probably a bluff A bluffer bets with exaggerated gestures so everyone pays attention LEAN BACK STARE DOWN To appear non-threatening, a player may lean back. Crossed arms add to the bluff Bluffers stare down opponents to intimidate them into folding BIG YAWN BIG BET Players with good hands act uninterested to lure you into betting This display of strength often equals a weak hand SPOTTING COMMON POKER TELLS If you observe any of the following bluffs alongside common "Poker Tells", be sure to call it! SPOTTING COMMON ONLINE POKER TELLS Pros may 'reverse bluff and fake their body language. THOUGH YOU CAN'T SEE YOUR OPPONENT ONLINE, YOU CAN STILL OBSERVE: BREAKING A STORY Chatty players lose their train of thought when they're faced with a good hand Speed & Timing, Size of Bet and Patterns WORKS ONLINE TOO! Common online tells to keep an eye out for include: SHAKY HANDS LONG PAUSE THEN RAISE Indicates a strong hand when there is a big hand on the table An excited player who is trying to remain as calm, will often develop shaky hands INSTANT / AUTOMATIC RAISE A confident player with a strong hand will raise regardless PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE QUICKLY CALLING A BET Bluffs are pre-planned so watch players who reach for their chips before their turn Without raising suggests a semi-weak to moderate hand INSTANT / AUTOMATIC CHECK Generally means a player is willing to fold TO PREVENT GIVING AWAY ONLINE TELLS: Take the same amount of time each turn Or the opposite! Be erratic and unpredictable TOP SECRET

The Secret Science of Bluffing

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Bluffing is a form of deception that is common and essential in Poker as well as many everyday situations. The body unconsciously leaks ‘gestural slips’ (aka “Poker Tells”) so if you know what...


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