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Rise of games

The rise of games How games can boost your business AA Game definition Businesses have been using games ever since early 8O's when Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola started the trend. DICTIONARY A game is structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment jand sometimes used as an educational tool. But why are games so interesting? And more importantly, why are games effective tools for companies? In this infographic we will start off by telling you something about games in general, followed by some interesting statistics and finally we will show you how they can be used for your business. Games are played by the Everybody plays games young and the elders Demograhphic statistics Adults 180 million Elders Kids gamers in Europe 8 million Why do all these people gamers in the Netherlands play games? 157 million Your brain loves games gamers in US As human beings we like to be rewarded. It gives us a good feeling. This is because of dopamine) a neurotransmitter associated with pleasant feelings. But the problems we face in modern day society is that the boundaries between right and wrong are not always clear, and we can seldom get a good measurement of the results of our actions. In games the boundaries are clear making it easy to reward ourselves! More reasons why people love games Pleasure and relaxation To relax and distract your mind Collecting Socializing blah blah To gather items, tokens and/or To socialize, work together awards eFmc ? Conquer To rule them all! Challenge Discovery To be the best Knowledge To explore new things To educate yourself while playing Who exactly play games? Worldwide statistics From 2013 the amount of smartphones in use will exceed 1.82 billion!! units and will be greater than the amount of PC's Nowadays as much as 31% of adult women playing games The average social gamer Boys 19% is female and aged between 25-34 1,82 bilj. Adult men 36% Average mobile gamer is male and aged between 25-34 Adult women 31% Girls 14% European statistics Percentage of Europeans playing games Germany England France Belgium 18% 22% 31% 19% 34% 30% 45% 42% mobile device pc mobile device pc mobile device pc mobile device pc Number of mobile gamers in 2012 increased by 15% to 70 million In the last 12 month 48% of the people between the age of 16-64 has played a game. 70 milj. 45% female 55% mainly aged 25-34 male 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 mainly aged 35-44 Dutch statistics In the last 12 month 54% of the people between the age of 16-64 has played a game. In the Netherlands 9.500.000 hours per DAY are spent on games! Percentage of the Dutch playing games 37% 38% 46% 54% female mobile device pe male mainly aged 25-34 21% social 16% mobile 16% casual mainly aged 25-34 American statistics Percentage of US gamers per device In the United States 21.000.000 hours per DAY are spent on playing games! 58% of Americans play games 68% 16% social 16% mobile 18% casual mobile device pe Why use games for your business? Traditional media v.s Games VS VS VS Games Games Games TV commercial Print Banners A 20 second TV commercial costs tens of thousands, and probalby will not have a lasting impression on your consumer. For a fraction of that price games are able to give you statistics, relevant information labout your consumers and positive brandexposure A print ad attempts to transmit a meaningful message through a decreasingly effective medium. Games attract your audience through a promising and fun experience. It pulls the user into the game, and therefore into the brand. Online banner ads may capture 2 seconds of your consumers attention. A game will be played for 5-15 minutes on average and the player is constantly exposed to your brand. Marketingmix Games will fit well into one or more elements of your marketingmix Price People Product Promotion Play for discount Recruiting, assesment Product testing In-game advertising Play for prices Training Advergames Advantages of advergames Engaging On average consumers play for 5 to 15 minutes at a By 2013 lead management campaigns integrating Real-time Analytics time! 4 or more digital channels are Track your players behaviour. See who is playing your game and from where. Real-time, all the time! Which other marketing channel gives you this feedback? Viral effective expected to outperform single- or dual-channel campaigns by part of the reason why advergames work so well. Games are fun This Powerfull communication 300 % Games are a powerful tool because communication takes place through natural connections. and share worthy if done right. Low Costs In comparison with traditional channels of marketing, costs of a game are low. Infographic brought to you by Jolly Jellyfish Game Studio Jolly Jellyfish is specialised in developing Casual Games for Facebook, iOS, Android and the web. At Jolly we love games and enjoy creating them. We also enjoy keeping a keen eye on the whole progress the game industry makes. Hopefully this infographic showed you some interesting facts. If you'd like to know more or have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us or check out our website or facebook! Jellyfish [email protected] Sources +31 (0)6 49633408 • • • psychology behind games.php • • CGA_Mobilesector.pdf • • • study.pdf summary_-_isfe_consumer study.pdf • • summary_-_isfe_consumer study.pdf • %20Digital%20Gaming%20White%20Paper.pdf • •

Rise of games

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Businesses have been using games ever since early 80’s when Mc Donalds and Coca-Cola started the trend. But why are games so interesting? And more importantly, why are games effective tools for comp...


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