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Public Opinion Crowns Mario and Peach the Cutest Video Game Couple

dep dive Who's the Cutest SodaHead a weekly infographic VIDEO GAME COUPLE? Mamma Mia! It's-a Mario! We're a little bit tired of speculating about Taylor Swift's next boyfriend, so we thought it would be a good idea to take some heat off the celebs and ask SodaHeads to choose the cutest video game couple of all time. Other 21% 30% Cloud & Aerith ("Final Fantasy VII") 9% Mario & Peach ("Super Mario Bros.") 15% 25% Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man ("Pac-Man") Link & Zelda ("The Legend of Zelda") The Pac-Man Generation Voters between the ages of 35 and 55 think Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man are adorable. Pac-Man was released in 1980, when those voters were all under the age of 24. 13-17 |13% 18-24 14% 25-34 15% 35-44 33% 45-54 147% 55-64 15% You Don't Have to Smoke to Get Hyrule Smokers and drinkers were less Ilikely to vote for Link and Zelda. (There was no demographic for mushroom users, but we assume they would have thrown in for Mario.) 28% Nondrinkers Nonsmokers 26% 17% Drinkers Smokers 15% Undeniable Others Of course, the cuteness doesn't stop there. There were plenty of other options that didn't quite make the cut. SORA AMD KAIRI "Kinsdom Hearts") SONIC OND AMY "Sonic the Hedgehog")) SQUALL AND RINDA ("Final Fantasy VIII") 11QUS AND YUNA "Final Fantasy X") NATHAN OND ELENA "Lincharted") DOM AND MARIA "Gears of War") SodaHead, 2012 ( Results taken from on March 2012. Vote, comment, and share a SodaHead © 2012 Total votes: 779

Public Opinion Crowns Mario and Peach the Cutest Video Game Couple

shared by SodaHead on Mar 12
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Remember the days when your character just spent the whole game searching for his gal, only to be united for a brief awkward moment at the very end? You can thank games like "Final Fantasy" for puttin...



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